Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I don't really have it in me right now to write about anything. I should have updated my holiday photos by now but...Later maybe.

These are things I'm working on/worked on in the past while..

I should update more often and write more again. It really helped me understand things. Now I'm just a bit muddled up again.

I'm still continuing the ANDRO✰ comic and many seem to be enjoying it. I'm still struggling to get it to the standard I want it to be. But I guess what it is now is better than nothing at all.

Feeling really strangle lately.

fLako ft. Drig Gerner - Lonely Town

This song seems to apply now more than ever.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ANDRO✰ website!

So I FINALLY have the website up! FINALLY! I've actually ad it up for about ...almost a week now or something? But Really only been able to gradually post about it in places as I've been trying to do quite a few things at once still (and being a tiny bit lazy). Anyway, here it is!


You can also follow the updates and things on Facebook or on Twitter to keep up with when pages are uploaded. There's also an RSS feed on the site as well...

I'm pretty happy with the overall look of it and everything, and Tom helped me out quite a bit with the design with some of his own advice (as well as actually building it all and making it functional) But it's done now! Now people can just read it with ease, which was the main thing I was annoyed about when having it on tumblr and dA. It was really only easy to read for dA users in the end and...well that's not really helpfull.

I have lots and lots planned for the story as it gradually builds. It's interesting because at first I was litterally just going to make it a very short and brief comic without much depth or thought. I just wanted to try and finish something. But the more pages and further I got into it, the more the story started churning and processing in my head. I then realised that I shouldn't just do something easy just to say I did it. If I'm going to do something, I should do the best I can! So ever since staying active and actually making an effort with my work and my life, I have been the happiest since I've made my big move across the great pond. Now I look at the past and laugh heartily at some of the mistakes I had made (not to say that I won't make anymore , as I surely do). But it's a good feeling, doing what you want to do, and working hard for what you are trying to achieve.

I'm trying to get to a point of regulating m updates as often as I had when I first started posting, which should be fine as I'm getting some mroe time freed up from work.

As well as that, I will be working back to doing some of my actually arty stuff. Like my canvases. And I am also taking commissions again, which can be read about here : www.spacebubble.deviantart.com . Basically, I'm doing pencil work (or ink) for $20 (plus shipping - varies country to country).

Well it's time for me to get back to work, as I have to leave soon.

Peace,love and happiness and whatever else it is you desire.

Mid-Air! - A Little Bit of Sunshine 

I also have some vacation time soon! Back to Devon...again.....I do like Devon though...

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Daedelus - Tailor Made ft. Milosh (Sepalcure Mix)

Based off of Mobius' Starwatcher.

I decided to take a small break from all the Andro stuff for a day or two. Started drawing his at work and finished the details when I got home....I really like the character design, and so badly want to know more about them. I haven't really taken the time to do more research though to be honest. Tom has bought me a book of Mobius' work, but it's all in french...and has a very limited selection. Anyway back to work!

So many things to do....

Friday, June 8, 2012


I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks. Trying to continue with the comic, but also having increased hours at work as well suddenly. Unfortunately this means that I had to give up my monthly pin up work for the time being (thought this doesn't mean that I will never do pin ups again!).

ANDRO✰ seems to be going well for me and I'm still having a great time drawing the story out, slowly adding more as I continue to work on it, changing things around and just basically explore what I'm capable of. I'm about 43 pages in now, having to ink about 8 of them still but haven't had the chance because of work suddenly. I've also been working on the actual website for ANDRO✰ on  it's own because really, tumblr and deviantart are probably not the easiest places to read it to be honest. Especially if you're not signed up to either of those sites. Not to mention I'm limited on the appearance of it's presentation. So I will be shouting about that soon. But with all these little things I've been trying to do, I've been neglecting my dear blog. Which I feel bad about. But other than doing pages, I haven't much else to show anyway......

And I should probably stop for now as I have lots more to do this evening....I just hope all my hard work is not in vain!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012



It's just before I have to go walk D and go to work. Don't know why I'm posting this now...still keeping busy but needed a small distraction. I really want to work on Yeshua's story, but I must finish ANDRO first....damn.

Some other thing i never posted :


It's one of those pictures that will never be finished I think...off to the rest of the day.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012



Almost forgot to post my May calendar ! SO yeah. Here they are :


I'm starting to feel like I may be throwing too much stuff up and around, but that Just may be because I'm me and keeping busy.... Perhaps I should go into the shadows for a while in a bit. Have some down time....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cuando La Vida Vaya Mal Pack!


Rip Slyme - Tokyo Classic

I did infact finish my Pinup for May quite a few weeks back but between this, concentrating on my ANDRO✰ comic, and doing my printing course,(and of course my part time job) things have been busy and ...well, not hectic. But generally busy. So I havn't really had the time to post up here, and I feel like I've been neglecting my blog :C. It's always nice to write a bit about how life is going, and then kind of scrolling back to the pages of ye olde life and reading them and thinking "Oh god I type like an idiot child that has their finger glued to the caps key". But anywho!

There are actual prints available for this pin up! Have a look see!

There are currently only 5 prints available.
I might get a few more done, but it doesn't seem highly likely at all at the moment. ALSO they come with 3 Free badges!

Prints are 14" x 16" , are UV printed, and have a satin matt finish (no weird reflections off this bad boy).

The price? $30 (plus shipping)

So if you are interested feel free to leave a comment, or note me on my deviant art account at : Spacebubble.deviantart.com !

 OR you can contact me through my personal website here :


through the "contact" section.

And... I totally forgot to announce my new website up here. I was all so happy and excited when I got it finished, and really only announced it on my dA. And then totally forgot about it due to all the other things I
was doing earlier this month.

But yeah, the contact thing certainly works and you can write me anytime about anything. And I will get back asap!

Hope everyone is doing just as well. I'm really getting into my ANDRO✰ comic and really want to share everything that's going to happen. My pencil doesn't seem to be able to work as fast as my brain. I'm 20 pages in though! It's certainly not a major mile stone, but it just seems incredible that something I just went with on a whim has lasted so well, compared to all of my deep harvested stories that I really wanted to have an umph. Though, now that I understand -how- to keep myself goin, you will see alot of other projects surfacing to light, just after I finish the first instillation of ANDRO✰.

The weather has been pretty horrible over here as of late, but one can always pretend it's sunny in one's head.

Love Love.

Sunday, April 22, 2012



So I'm finally announcing my release of my ANDRO✰ comic.. well I say release. I will be gradually releasing pages at a time ( I think..) or probably a few pages here and there (one page a week always seems so slow to me.) I will be posting the pages on my dA account at ~Spacebubble and at it's own tumblr page ANDRO✰.

 I've been pretty happy recently, and I've really been enjoying making this (inbetween all my other projects and work and life in general) and now that I've learned to keep myself constantly busy, I always feel happy. Because I'm not sitting around doing nothing, I can't sit around thinking about how I'm doing nothing. I really want to take a more positive twist, though. I was originally thinking about it being a bit low brow and general bad assery...but then I kind of though...well I dunno. There are so many stories out there like that. There are so many things out there being in the dog eat dog world. And... that's not really the kind of stuff I think about when I'm on my own. So, we'll see I guess what sort of twists and turns this will take.

Other than that I've done the odd sketch here and there, but a lot of my time has been consumed between work, ANDRO✰ and my monthly Pin-Up males. ( I have finished the one for May, and will post it soon, but I'm also turning this one into a purchasable print, and will like to take photos, and also of some of the free-bees that will come with!).

The weather has been really wonky over here. It will literally be blaring hot when the sun is out, then two seconds later, it will pour with rain. Then it will be sunny, then it will hail. It's just like. Damn dude. But I've been taking it easy I guess. Work has been a bit slow, since kid's are all back in school....

I'm not sure if I mentioned moving house, but I have. And I'm still in love with the new place. Anyway, I will probably post some pages later today as well, so watch out!

Much love to everyone and everyone who continuously supports me. I try to tell people all the time how their kind words really help me out sometimes, and I don't think I can express how much impact seeing people react positively to my work is just... I dunno. Makes me all emotional :'c. In a good way though. One day I'll pay back the world what I owe it. But for now, it's back to work!

Love love.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Marching On


Brooks Brothers - In Your Eyes

Nearly thought I wouldnt come up with something for may, but I'm pretty happy with it. Started painting it, hopefully won't have to take too long. Will be able to reveal some of my work on ANDRO soon. I was hoping to do that this weekend, but still have a few things to sort out (location! location! Location!!)

The weather has been just lovely and I've always loved spring, but god damn do I love extra more this year. Love love <3

Monday, March 26, 2012



So busy recently. Finished this up the other week. Feel like I could have done a bit more. I'm not so upset with it or anything, but. Yeah. Details.


I always feel like so much of the detail gets lost. I always paint so closely, then when I resize it for desplay and all, everything is kind of gone and it's all a peachy blob! OH well, just need to learn... anyway, here's the calendar for the month of April. Hope you got all your egg dye ready... Oh, and I did a full body version and detail version cause....I like wasting time. Okay?

Full Body :

Close Up :

I think maybe I just like making lists.... anyway. enjoy, I guess. If anyone is paying attention, which they probably arn't. But whatever. I can look back at this in the days to come, and laugh fondly as I sit back with a glass of sherry whilst in my mink robe, and pip-piping away....

lollo and I'm like 12 pages into this thing :


Good night dears.

Saturday, March 10, 2012



The joys of joy that I felt when knowing it were to belong to me. The idea of having something so fresh in my brace; to have the advantage and liberty to crush it,destroy it, devour it.

And I will let you know it is a fool to be to believe that such innocence comes with such an innocent face.

Sufjan Stevens - Interlude I - Dream Sequence in Subi Circumnavigation

We've just moved into our new flat, which I'm pretty much in love with already. It's smaller than our old place, but it is a newly built flat so all the windows work, the carpet is new , and we have an amazing stove which is gas run. We also own a washing machine now! I feel so....adult!

I feel...hmm. I feel more peaceful now I think. And be able to finally focus on my work as I was hoping to this year. I think I've already mentioned that I will be taking a print making course in April. After which I would like to make some prints to sell! I will try to work on 2 larger pieces specifically for the course itself and see how it goes. I also started working on a canvas, which is well long it's way, but I have to wait till we clear up the house a bit more before I can finish working on it.

More and more each day I feel like I'm pulling myself together. Though I recently have been feeling really down about my appearance....I'm not sure why either. I'm trying to slowly get over this, and trying to help myself understand again that .... well looks really arn't everything, and even if they were, that wouldn't be the kind of world I would want to live in.....

....maybe I didn't loose anything to begin with and it's all in my head. Maybe there hasn't been a change in me, just maybe the way I see myself. I never use to look at myself. When I use to look in the mirror, I use to just see a kind of .... shell that perhaps I was stuck inside...and now when I look, I see more the fleshy physical side of me that everyone else experiences...or what I think they experience... if that makes sense....

There are much better things to think about than just myself....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Angoulême and Art-ery


It's nearly march already, so..I'll post the calendar for it already cause you know. Time. There is no such thing.


ALSO! I;m moving house on the first. No more old crap house with holes and paint peeling and carpet coming off the floor. We're moving into somewhere that's been built within the last few years, so everything is fresh, new and clean. Also, we have a space for a washing machine and dryer which means doing the clothes isn's a weird treck to an over priced laundry and a chore that takes more than an hour. Like wise we will have a boiler that can just stay on, which means the dishes can be done every night in like 5/10 minutes. Rather than having to wait for a half hour for the water to heat up and then dishes getting piled up because it cost money to heat the water we wash with.... anyway. So yeah. The places is a bit smaller, but, it will be nice and cosy.

Oh, and I finally got to go through some of those photos of when Tom and I went to Angouleme to see his aunti Su, who is the most amazing person btw. She was brilliant. Kind, and all that other good stuff. Amazing cook, prepared the best sandwiches I ever had ever. Made these amazing desserts like, everyday. She was always making Tom and myself tea and coffee. AND, and she even bough us breakfast in bed one day. I was like WOT. Man, I was living that up. I just couldn't belive it, it was like being on a proper holiday for real... And I wish i got more photos as well...

I will say though, the very first thing I noticed, was the shutters.

Everyone actually uses their shutters over there, they're not purely decorative like most shutters you'd find on the houses in the US. And So many of the houses would have all the shutters closed, and even have a shutter for the front and back doors. SO all these little houses looked like weird warehouses at first. It wasn't really until about a half hour into our ride from the airport to Su's home that I realised they were all houses...

She actually lived in a little town a bit away from Angouleme , but the town centre itself had some real moments of beauty

I realised that, the way it seemed anyway, was the outside appearence of buildings were not the real focus, but the insides of buildings were immaculate. Most everything just kind of looked like a giant block outside, but really different on the inside...for Angouleme anyway...

We actually went to the Comic Festival of Angouleme, and that ran over the weekend, so we spent the Thursday and Friday looking around. It was juts brilliant.

I really wish I took more photos, but was just gobsmacked by allt he brilliant books. I mean, there were all these like, prop up buildings that have just, countless books inside. And the variety. It wasn't just traditional american style comics, as one would think. No, these were like, story books, with art. The varying styles of each and every book was just, mind blowing. Real boost of encouragement of producing my own work. It was fantastic just being able to look at every type of technique, even though I couldn't understand a word of any of the text.

They had all sorts of exhibitions as well, like this one crazy one of all these stamps. It was a real treat. We had no idea that it was down there but man. We had a good time just kind of examining all the different types of stamps and trying to figure out what was going on with them. It was insane the amount of detail in them and all the creative ideas behind them. It was all hidden away in the main town theatre underneath the auditoriums in a weird almost cellar like room.

And Tin Tin was to be found everywhere, being that the long time collaboratives of the series, Jacques Martin, had great presence in the festival itself. (I think there was a monument of him there in Angouleme, if I recall correctly).

I'm not entirely sure of the exact ties as to why the town was infatuated with Tin Tin, but Angouleme itself had a very huge and great appreciation for art.There was outstanding graffiti and murals everywhere.

I really only managed to get one decent photo at all of anything, as we were rushing around everywhere in town, and I kept saying to myself "later, I'll take a photo later" not realising that later would never come. There's always another day.

We rushed around a few shops and had lunch out at one place called "Le Grand Vie" which was aaaaaaaaaamazing. I had baked potato with parma Ham, and tom had the same but with salmon, and we swapped some. So so so so good. Anyway, here's a photo of some chocolate shop we walked by, that we walked into, but didn't buy anything cause...well, next time...

Everything looked so good though.. Man. Man. They also did like, pastry stuff and loads of other things. Also, I have no idea who that dude is in the photo. Just ignore him.

And they sold these teddy bears as well.

And I wanted to just grab one off the shelf, but then realised all of them would probably fall right onto the floor, one by one. So I stopped myself, and behaved...

There were a few other shops we kind of browsed into, like this music store with this bitchin stair case.

Tom and I kind of just ran around messing with things, cause they had this weird ass room in the back, all while Su spoke to the store owner politely.

There was like, a million and one posters in that room, of like, Prince, Elton John and other random but brilliant pop stars. But the majority of the store seemed to be dedicated to classical music. In fact, the whole side wall of the shop was covered in nothing but.

All of them, classical.... Over all we had an amazing time out, hanging out with Su. We learned a lot about herself and all the craft making she does. She does a lot of card making and papergoods, and like customizing ordinary things to make them very whimsical and just beautiful in general, much like herself. I'll have to grab a few samples of her work and give a shout out, because she does some really nostalgic sort of things. Like those pretty boutique places that have ribbons and lace tossed here and there with a crystal chandelier sort of feel. I felt really inspired by the whole event , had a few tip offs about projects and ideas and what to do, and it really drove me to try and complete things, which is why I'm still trying to go strong with my calendar project (as strange and un-enticing as it may be for the majority of people) and really just trying to get back in touch with my creative side. I've been doing quite a bit to try and progress technically with my work, but I think the creative aspect is starting to suffer because of it... one of the evenings before we left we treated Su and her family to some lovely patisserie stuffff.

Tom and I bought these two chocolate muffin type things with a really rich centre piece, and Su and her two children picked some out of these.

Perhaps next time I will get one of these bad boys....

Anyway, I better run off. I need to shower, and it's an absolute gorgeous day outside. SO I'm going to take D for an extra long walk with some of this new music I came across.

Freddie Joachim - Out of Season
Freddie Joachim - Strawberries

He has a few free downloads on his site. but I've yet to go through some of this purchasable work, which I will do to see what his substance is like. Really feeling it so far though...

Love love!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I havn't suddenly died


Just busy.

We're moving house soon, and by soon I mean in like two weeks. It's got a carpet thats actually stuck to the floor, windows that actually close, and an actual bathroom, instead of a shower in the wall. Moving on up to the east side. Literally.

I've got loads of other sketches, and my photos from France to show still ( I went to the comic festival of Angouleme , which was amazing and really pumped me with inspiration) and yeah... but gotta finish the pin up for march and and this other shit and pack stuff. Gaw.

Daedelus - Fallen Love

Busy busy busy busy. I tend to keep it this way.

Monday, January 23, 2012



Estradasphere - Rise n' Shine

Ahhaa...yeah. Been pretty busy. Still have loads of photos and stuff to go through from when my mother and sister had visited. I still think about it a lot... And I really miss my sister still...hm...

Anyway, I'm doing different pin-ups for each month. and, I'm starting with feb cause it's obviously too late to do January... I've got my april picture sorted out, but still have to do a sketch for March.. But either way, here they are:

1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050
1440 x 900
1366 x 768
1280 x 800
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

And if you don't have one of these resolutions, you need to sort your life out a.s.a.p.

I'm tired....and I'm pretty sure I posted that song before. So here's another one.

Queens of the Stone Age - Run Pig Run

Thursday, January 12, 2012



Daedelus - One and Lonely

"Dear Mother,

I thought I understood what was the right thing to do; however, I'm afraid I've learned that I've learned nothing at all in all of these years.

Upon arriving to The Blinded Eon I had already slain the beast in my mind. In my heart he felt otherwise.

He said unto me :

'You walk around a fool, your mind obscured by mortal things such as death and defeat.

With death does not end confusion and hate. Only with understanding, can you finally let her free.

Do not burden your Mother with the pangs of your mortal dismay. It is unfair."

Dumbfounded I had not a single thought within my being. I had turned and left The Blinded Eon...

This is my last letter, Mother."

Daedelus - Sew, Darn, Mend

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Blinded Eon


"Dear Mother, I've come to the end. I have sought out The Blinded Serpent with the Stripes of Every Eon He has Lived.
How glorious he will appear on the edge where the land ends, and the eternity begins. I believe this will be my last day, Mother. But I won't give up.

Just as you, Mother."

Daedelus - The Finishing of a Thing

Daedelus - Overwhelmed

Monday, January 9, 2012

Star Sorcerer


"Dear Mother, I had fleeting moment with the celestial Star Sorcerer of the City. If there were any person to know where I must go, it would be they. However, to my dismay, he had told me how he is burdened with entrapment through many spells of top tier wise men through out the history of Man, and is no longer permitted to read Man's future.

I turned to leave solemnly, but just before I could exit, he had touched the centre of my forehead. And within a moments time, I had seen many a thing. And I had seen you, mother. Could you see me?

He then said unto me :

' You know where you must go.'

and had left me.

Mother, I know where I must go."

Daedelus - An Armada Approaches

Sunday, January 8, 2012



"Dear Mother, the City of the Canyon is still much like how you've described it to me. Though perhaps slightly larger, and the oasis being slightly smaller. I hope it's people can lead me to where I must go."

Basement jaxx - Alkazaar
Basement Jaxx - Walking in the Clouds

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Inn Keeper's Daughter

thoughts turn to cakesFs2ssb

"Dear Mother, I have been lodging by the seaside in a comfortable inn for half a fortnight. I think I have fallen in love, mother. The daughter of the Innkeepers' wife, though quiet, has baked us a cake especially. Oh, how I can still smell her now."

Erik Satie - Gymnopédie

Can't beleive I almost forgot to post this one...

Thursday, January 5, 2012



"Dear mother,

Along my way I nearly got lost in a troublesome labyrinth. After some time though, I happened upon a strange stranger who seemed ever so upset. He explained how he has been lost for a considerable amount of time. Days, months, even years! And whenever he heard someone or something alive, he would follow to seek help; but they would all retreat in fear. He's given up since he believed it impossible.

I told him we could go together. We eventually found our way out!"

Masashi Hamauzu - Silent Dialogue
Masashi Hamauzu - Aqua Memory

I nearly forgot about my little collection of video game music. It makes me reminisce so much...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



"Dear Mother, I finally made it. It is as beautiful as you say, and teeming with life. As if it were breathing!"

Basment Jaxx - Ascension

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



"Dear Mother, You wouldn't believe what I saw today. A Bahia. A real live one. You would have been well impressed..."

Daedelus - Nouveau Nova
Daedelus - Bahia