Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Elephant King


Synopsis: Woman runs into strange world where a kingdom lives in the working form of The Republic. She changes things.

Thats not what I had in mind when I was just sketching these ladies at first. Just something I though about in the shower. Tom and I went over the story briefly, and decided this will be our first film.

I drew a few other things like, this lady. We went to watch Sherlock Holmes in the cinima. I love going to the movies. It's so... focused. There's definately a vibe the cinima can call it's own.


I also drew some old guy. 10 mins on him. Think i need to work more on making people look older. I should also do more drawings from reference. Good practice I say!


One day a good scanner will be in my home.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I wish I had a nice camera that could take nice pictures, cause then this would look nice too. On the real , I wish I got the tones this dark on the real pencil drawing. Maybe next time I won't be so afraid.

Jesus again, with the face as close as I can get it. Not bad for 4 in the morning! Still want to make him look slightly older/more tired. It'll be right eventually.

My mind is's hard for me to explain. It usually is anyway. Racing around. I think too fast for my own good. I always feel like there is something I'm meant to do, that I absolutely have to do, but in the end all the efforts that I push harder and harder out of myself turn out to be distrations from whats really getting at me.

I wish I spent more time -with- my family rather than yelling at them when I had the chance. I never had any regret before in life, not any true ones that amount to anything, so it's hard to swallow down. Especially the fact being I let pride and arrogance lead my mouth through most of the trash that spewed from it. I wanted to help, I just ended up being a nuisance. I'm so worried about everyone else; if they're doing it the right way, or have thier head in the right direction. Complaining about the speck of saw dust in their eyes, when I have a whole plank in my own. Meh.

I think I can relate to my own idea of Yeshua when I feel something great within me, but really I'm just being dirty and getting by on clumsiness.

That's not to say that the fight is over though. I know I'm getting better, I just have to accept the fact that I will never be -the- best.

Monday, January 18, 2010


To be great is not to make immeasurable amounts of money, or to be stratospherically charming to every eye. It is to create, to tell, and to be an unforgettable story.

Just a quick reminder,btw.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I should be a DJ. Yo.

I have alot on my mind at the moment, but can't really think of how to put it. Especially with so many pictures floating around. So...I'll do just pictures now and all that extra stuff later maybe.


I drew this while on the plane, in my tiny chair and little eating table thing. I got eraser all over the place. I hope the plane people don't hate me now bcause of that. I actually used a mech pencil this time. I always yell at everyone to not use them, but I guess they're alright for sketching, no so much for finished peices though. I stole Tom's one, that he got from Allen for Christmas. It's a Parker one. It is awesome.


So I did a couple more sketches with it. Mainly of my Jesus. He has a Dan Wesson PPC revolver. And cool boots. Look at them.


He shoots at people on roof tops. Lol, Eric drew the Jesus with the balls.


He fights people like St. Sebastian Or,


This guy. The Anti-Christ. AND HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW... I don't think I like the look of Sebastian though. Arms and arrows ar supposed to go completely around but then I got lazy and what not. He just looks like some hobo, and thats Jesus' job. I'll figure it out soon enough. I won't say much at all about this story. Because, it's my story. So , here's them fighting.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Flight Cancelled

Yeah, so. Our flight was cancled. So we had to wait a week before we could leave :/ so. We'll be back home Wednesday morning! Though I'm feeling a bit blue for leaving, but there are so many things we've got to do when we get back.

I learned alot about myself while staying here, especially in this extra week alone.

Also, picked up the Bible. Had to do some research. Real interesting shit going on in there that are completely glossed over, ignored , and hardly ever mentioned.

Anyway. Still even more stuff to show later.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Real Resolution.

I know I made that whole thing about not signing in to Y!gallery and dA and all that shit ( which I'm still doin btw). But this time I got a better one. It's still New Year's day so I'm allowed to make another one.

Bitches. I'm going to be the Rennaisance Man of this decade. Shit is REAL. It's going to happen. I'm going to bring the illest shit ya'll ever seen. So, prepare yourself.


P.S: This brownie. The one from those boxes with the happy lady one them. They taste like shit.