Saturday, April 30, 2011



Prince William and Kate got married yesterday. It was pretty interesting and lovely. There's a bit of debate of why is it even relevent, but I don't mind it. They do a lot of things for the country in return and live a mandatory life style. Born into slavery almost, just a different kind. I hope they stay happy forever. I'd wish that for any couple.

Anyway. This morning Tom,his father and I went out for breakfast at this resteraunt thats atop this apartment complex. The place was absolutely smashing and gorgeous. It had a clear veiw of the sea. The food was amazing, and the prices weren't any worse than going to a regular chepo resteraunt. Lovely lovely, and I hope we go there again soon. The sun was out, and was hazy. The sea looked really peacefull.

We went for a walk down by the beach for about a half hour after our lovely brunch. It was great.

We picked up a package addressed to me this morning. It was my Indefinete Leave to Remain. I can stay in the UK now without any problem. We're basically free to live normally now.

... Last night I think I saw a photo of my father for the first time. I never seen him before...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone. I hope you're all doing something fun and exciting.

I'm still trying to stick to this DoTD thing. Ive done a few more sketches since these two , but it's the problem of scanning them in etc. I've got alot of time off this weekend, but I'm using some of that time to sort out things that need doing ( like washing my dog and shower :c) The weather has been superb these past weeks. Summer is just around the corner. Would absolutely love to hit up the beach, but Bournemouth is a touristy area durring the summer.

Also going to start the second peice for Laark this Monday. I'm really shit at doing things on time.

Here is this other one.


There are other lame ass sketches like this one I think, somewhere. I've been trying to learn how to situate my time and keep motiveated for longer projects. I think I'm finally learning. I just wish I had learned it at an earlier age, so it wouldn't feel so painstakingly terribly hard.

I wonder, do we find things harder to learn as we get older because we belive we are out of our "learning" stage in life? Does this mean that anything we try to do after those prepubescent years seem even more difficult because we belive we've learned all we need to know? If I look at my progress with this in mind, maybe I can come to the terms that we're never done learning, so in this case, it's not any more difficult than all the other things I learned in my younger years.

Here's some music you may/may not enjoy. I'm pretty sure you will though.

Mid-Air! - These Foolish Things
Mid-Air! - Three Magic Words.

I had always admired the sound of Mid-Air! ever since I found out about him on Myspace (hurrduurrr) back when I was like...15? He is probably one of -the- greatest influences of my work.Def worth checking out and persuing. He has loads of awesome tracks, and an album which is available for purchase.

Photobucket   Photobucket

It's all well good. And he also has an EP, which is pretty tight as well. Worth the money, cause I'm sure this dude works hard for what makes.

I just wish he was as busy putting out music as he was then. Maybe he is and I'm just looking in the wrong places?

Anyway. Shoot for the stars, babes. I'll be back in a tick.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Half a comission for *Laark

It is her character Astrazione. I though he was pretty fun to draw, and pretty hyped up to start on the next one fairly soon.

I was reading through my old posts a little while ago. I didn't realise that I cry/whine so much. I'll try and stop that and write interesting stuff from now on.

I've also started this Picture of the day thing. It's not easy. My bddy Cephi is doing it, and sticks with it. I on the other hand end up thinking...oh, just a few more hours on it tomorrow ....

so I end up spending way more time on things than I'd like to.

anyway, this made me draw dyke cammy stuff. Like so :


and sketch these things :


They arn't very exciting. Sorry. Next time maybe... need to stop being soooo lazy.

I have to go shower. I feel dirty.

Friday, April 1, 2011



I did this as a gift for ~maurizio-tames. This is her character Silence.

I did some thinking while drawing, as I usually do, but I can't really remember what it was that I was thinking specifically.

I'm quite happy with this. It's not crazy detailed, and I wish my scanner could capture the kind of softness I was going for. I think the most difficult thing about this one was trying to draw lightly. I wish I had that same problem when trying to paint....

I keep having dreams about zombies and dead people.

Perhaps I should paint something sometime.