Monday, January 9, 2012

Star Sorcerer


"Dear Mother, I had fleeting moment with the celestial Star Sorcerer of the City. If there were any person to know where I must go, it would be they. However, to my dismay, he had told me how he is burdened with entrapment through many spells of top tier wise men through out the history of Man, and is no longer permitted to read Man's future.

I turned to leave solemnly, but just before I could exit, he had touched the centre of my forehead. And within a moments time, I had seen many a thing. And I had seen you, mother. Could you see me?

He then said unto me :

' You know where you must go.'

and had left me.

Mother, I know where I must go."

Daedelus - An Armada Approaches

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