Saturday, December 19, 2009

A ma rika

It's snowing like a bitch over here. Awesome

Went to my brothers house the other day and watched Tokyo Zombie


Pretty kick ass movie and all. Would have been better if my brothers friends weren't making jokes the level of 5th grade humor. I do recommend watching it. It's supposed to be based of some manga or sommat, but the movie was good enough.

Got to do a few scribbles while I was on the plane. Drew an Inquisitor.That'll all have to wait till I get back to the other side to fix it up though. Having an awesome time here. Want to play in the snow, but it will be cold, so I'm having second thoughts = _=

Christmas is right around the corner. Omg.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Got another commission finished before vacation! I had a real good time doing this one.Did it for Mavu's Nicoli Leonetti


Tried a little something different when lining it. Think its all good and well.

I'm pretty sick at the moment. Horrible pressure under my eyes, and they fele like they're burning all the time. And my nose feels like crap.

D went off to her doggie hotel yesterday. Hope shes enjoying herself.

Anyway, off to the new year!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



I decided I'll keep this. Since i have no use for the internet anymore, other than to check GAF, Geekologie, and my mail occationaly.

Been working on commissions lately, and been pretty happy with them. A good challange to draw something you wouldn't normally think up on your own.

Soren Cardeu for Signsonthewalls


Kazuo Kurihara for DemonLordOnigawa


I had a good time mashing them up in a story that takes place in the 1700's. Soren being a ritzy orphen (as of late) who enchants Kazuo who is a Onnagata for the theatre. Theres a third player but he'll have to wait a minute.

Anyway, Christmas is soon. I'm all pumped up! Can't wait to see the family. And my little sister, Shes so awesome. She just needs a little nudge (or a smack upside the head) from time to time.

Oh and also, Tom got me sherrif shades with the mirror lenses in them. I'm SO PIMP.