Saturday, March 10, 2012



The joys of joy that I felt when knowing it were to belong to me. The idea of having something so fresh in my brace; to have the advantage and liberty to crush it,destroy it, devour it.

And I will let you know it is a fool to be to believe that such innocence comes with such an innocent face.

Sufjan Stevens - Interlude I - Dream Sequence in Subi Circumnavigation

We've just moved into our new flat, which I'm pretty much in love with already. It's smaller than our old place, but it is a newly built flat so all the windows work, the carpet is new , and we have an amazing stove which is gas run. We also own a washing machine now! I feel!

I feel...hmm. I feel more peaceful now I think. And be able to finally focus on my work as I was hoping to this year. I think I've already mentioned that I will be taking a print making course in April. After which I would like to make some prints to sell! I will try to work on 2 larger pieces specifically for the course itself and see how it goes. I also started working on a canvas, which is well long it's way, but I have to wait till we clear up the house a bit more before I can finish working on it.

More and more each day I feel like I'm pulling myself together. Though I recently have been feeling really down about my appearance....I'm not sure why either. I'm trying to slowly get over this, and trying to help myself understand again that .... well looks really arn't everything, and even if they were, that wouldn't be the kind of world I would want to live in.....

....maybe I didn't loose anything to begin with and it's all in my head. Maybe there hasn't been a change in me, just maybe the way I see myself. I never use to look at myself. When I use to look in the mirror, I use to just see a kind of .... shell that perhaps I was stuck inside...and now when I look, I see more the fleshy physical side of me that everyone else experiences...or what I think they experience... if that makes sense....

There are much better things to think about than just myself....

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