Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cuando La Vida Vaya Mal Pack!


Rip Slyme - Tokyo Classic

I did infact finish my Pinup for May quite a few weeks back but between this, concentrating on my ANDRO✰ comic, and doing my printing course,(and of course my part time job) things have been busy and ...well, not hectic. But generally busy. So I havn't really had the time to post up here, and I feel like I've been neglecting my blog :C. It's always nice to write a bit about how life is going, and then kind of scrolling back to the pages of ye olde life and reading them and thinking "Oh god I type like an idiot child that has their finger glued to the caps key". But anywho!

There are actual prints available for this pin up! Have a look see!

There are currently only 5 prints available.
I might get a few more done, but it doesn't seem highly likely at all at the moment. ALSO they come with 3 Free badges!

Prints are 14" x 16" , are UV printed, and have a satin matt finish (no weird reflections off this bad boy).

The price? $30 (plus shipping)

So if you are interested feel free to leave a comment, or note me on my deviant art account at : !

 OR you can contact me through my personal website here :

through the "contact" section.

And... I totally forgot to announce my new website up here. I was all so happy and excited when I got it finished, and really only announced it on my dA. And then totally forgot about it due to all the other things I
was doing earlier this month.

But yeah, the contact thing certainly works and you can write me anytime about anything. And I will get back asap!

Hope everyone is doing just as well. I'm really getting into my ANDRO✰ comic and really want to share everything that's going to happen. My pencil doesn't seem to be able to work as fast as my brain. I'm 20 pages in though! It's certainly not a major mile stone, but it just seems incredible that something I just went with on a whim has lasted so well, compared to all of my deep harvested stories that I really wanted to have an umph. Though, now that I understand -how- to keep myself goin, you will see alot of other projects surfacing to light, just after I finish the first instillation of ANDRO✰.

The weather has been pretty horrible over here as of late, but one can always pretend it's sunny in one's head.

Love Love.

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