Sunday, February 17, 2013

Society6 Shop now Open!

SO. I am still alive (somehow) and as I said before I felt the need to revive my blog. And now I have plenty of time to do just that as I've recently quit my job. To cut a long story short, my boss tried to guilt trip me into staying, but I knew what I needed to do. Which was not stay there and try to at least go and full on focus on my art while I still have the chance.

After a week of being out of there I've finished my last commission (that I've taken sometime in the summer of last year) and managed to open my Society6 account. So I've got plenty of goodies up there for grabs so have a look! :

I only just opened it yesterday and have since just added the two products. Though mind you a lot of editing went on to get the other products in order. I wish they had guides for the products because the only way you can tell how it's come out is after you've uploaded the image and squint at the little sample image. Anyway, the things I made!

So I'm fairly happy with the out come. And it was particularly easy with this print as the image is nicely contained.

It's actually a commission for a lovely little lady called Natasza who was so very patient the entire time while waiting for me to finish.

I'd love to actually write more but my head is starting to feel all headachey. I have to go down to Boscanova cafe on tuesday. I had to kind of convince the dude to look at my work as they stopped hanging up local art he said. But he was really cool about it all so. Yeah! Hopefully that goes down well!

Oh and if anyone happens to already have an account with society6 then please, by all means hit the promote button for me please! I'd be so happy if you did. In the mean time, I'm going to go crash. I havn't had a day of sitting around doing nothing since I quit work so. I think I'll go do that now.

OH and Mid-Air! has did this little gem.

Mid-Air! - Sleigh Bells - Run the Heart (the beat in our feet remix)