Friday, June 8, 2012


I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks. Trying to continue with the comic, but also having increased hours at work as well suddenly. Unfortunately this means that I had to give up my monthly pin up work for the time being (thought this doesn't mean that I will never do pin ups again!).

ANDRO✰ seems to be going well for me and I'm still having a great time drawing the story out, slowly adding more as I continue to work on it, changing things around and just basically explore what I'm capable of. I'm about 43 pages in now, having to ink about 8 of them still but haven't had the chance because of work suddenly. I've also been working on the actual website for ANDRO✰ on  it's own because really, tumblr and deviantart are probably not the easiest places to read it to be honest. Especially if you're not signed up to either of those sites. Not to mention I'm limited on the appearance of it's presentation. So I will be shouting about that soon. But with all these little things I've been trying to do, I've been neglecting my dear blog. Which I feel bad about. But other than doing pages, I haven't much else to show anyway......

And I should probably stop for now as I have lots more to do this evening....I just hope all my hard work is not in vain!

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