Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ANDRO✰ website!

So I FINALLY have the website up! FINALLY! I've actually ad it up for about ...almost a week now or something? But Really only been able to gradually post about it in places as I've been trying to do quite a few things at once still (and being a tiny bit lazy). Anyway, here it is!


You can also follow the updates and things on Facebook or on Twitter to keep up with when pages are uploaded. There's also an RSS feed on the site as well...

I'm pretty happy with the overall look of it and everything, and Tom helped me out quite a bit with the design with some of his own advice (as well as actually building it all and making it functional) But it's done now! Now people can just read it with ease, which was the main thing I was annoyed about when having it on tumblr and dA. It was really only easy to read for dA users in the end and...well that's not really helpfull.

I have lots and lots planned for the story as it gradually builds. It's interesting because at first I was litterally just going to make it a very short and brief comic without much depth or thought. I just wanted to try and finish something. But the more pages and further I got into it, the more the story started churning and processing in my head. I then realised that I shouldn't just do something easy just to say I did it. If I'm going to do something, I should do the best I can! So ever since staying active and actually making an effort with my work and my life, I have been the happiest since I've made my big move across the great pond. Now I look at the past and laugh heartily at some of the mistakes I had made (not to say that I won't make anymore , as I surely do). But it's a good feeling, doing what you want to do, and working hard for what you are trying to achieve.

I'm trying to get to a point of regulating m updates as often as I had when I first started posting, which should be fine as I'm getting some mroe time freed up from work.

As well as that, I will be working back to doing some of my actually arty stuff. Like my canvases. And I am also taking commissions again, which can be read about here : www.spacebubble.deviantart.com . Basically, I'm doing pencil work (or ink) for $20 (plus shipping - varies country to country).

Well it's time for me to get back to work, as I have to leave soon.

Peace,love and happiness and whatever else it is you desire.

Mid-Air! - A Little Bit of Sunshine 

I also have some vacation time soon! Back to Devon...again.....I do like Devon though...

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Daedelus - Tailor Made ft. Milosh (Sepalcure Mix)

Based off of Mobius' Starwatcher.

I decided to take a small break from all the Andro stuff for a day or two. Started drawing his at work and finished the details when I got home....I really like the character design, and so badly want to know more about them. I haven't really taken the time to do more research though to be honest. Tom has bought me a book of Mobius' work, but it's all in french...and has a very limited selection. Anyway back to work!

So many things to do....

Friday, June 8, 2012


I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks. Trying to continue with the comic, but also having increased hours at work as well suddenly. Unfortunately this means that I had to give up my monthly pin up work for the time being (thought this doesn't mean that I will never do pin ups again!).

ANDRO✰ seems to be going well for me and I'm still having a great time drawing the story out, slowly adding more as I continue to work on it, changing things around and just basically explore what I'm capable of. I'm about 43 pages in now, having to ink about 8 of them still but haven't had the chance because of work suddenly. I've also been working on the actual website for ANDRO✰ on  it's own because really, tumblr and deviantart are probably not the easiest places to read it to be honest. Especially if you're not signed up to either of those sites. Not to mention I'm limited on the appearance of it's presentation. So I will be shouting about that soon. But with all these little things I've been trying to do, I've been neglecting my dear blog. Which I feel bad about. But other than doing pages, I haven't much else to show anyway......

And I should probably stop for now as I have lots more to do this evening....I just hope all my hard work is not in vain!