Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mother Oar


Mid-Air! - Her Footsteps Went (Boom)

Fifth image. I have then more to go. I'm starting to panic, and not sure if I can finish this before my mother and sister come to visit, because they're basicallly going to be here till the 26th of Dec. I'm not going to spend any time drawing while they're here.

So, back to the drawing desk. Perhaps I can be lucky enough to finish these within a day or two as I have been...Only been doing half days at work, so it's not so bad.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Tokyo Incidents - Dopa-Mint!

It doesn't look much different from the last time I posted this one, other than some slight cleaning up. I was kind of reluctant to do the skin tone, as I thought it would loose its otherwise basic feel to it ( cause I can never get a nice even tone across the board you see... Lack of skill.) Iguess it's not usual for me to stop working on a picture if I feel in my heart of hearts that it's unfinished. But.. I dunno. I think I like it the way it is.

ALSO, I never got to give a mention about Tokyo Incident's recent album Discovery. At first I was a bit iffy, but after a second listen of the album in full, I think I get it. Well, I definitely feel it. Some of the more rock based tracks are a bit too...rock pop for my usual taste, but as I grow, I try to broaden my horizon, you see. And I've learned now that there is nothing wrong with having a very base kind of fun track that you can just. I dunno, relax? Have a good time with? I often find myself trying to find some really though provoking,emotionally exhausting music and trying to find better. But sometimes it's good to have a good little rock song to just roll with.

Not that Dopa-Mint! is a typical song by any means. I find that particular track to probably be one of the most engaging tracks out of the lot ( only after the first track, with the whole guitar and organ rotation thing going on in the middle bit ). Also like the variation of types of tracks on there as well.

I'll probably share some of my other faves, when I have more pictures I've drawn of dear Gregory. I think he as a character, was basically born through this album, and well... He'll be around...

P.S. I've totally wasted so much of this past week and a half playing Saints Row 3. Jesus Christ that game is absolutely ace. And will undoubtedly waste more money and time on it. I'm a sucker for that shit.

Back to work on monday...

Saturday, November 19, 2011



Amon Tobin - Lost & Found

Third image finished for the Sketch Book Project. This is Carvi; he is a sexy unicorn man, and belongs to ~Alquana.

Maybe...just maybe I can finish this before it's due.

Monday, November 14, 2011



Well, what does it feel like to be possessed?

"... Marvellous."

Amon Tobin - Bloodstone

I finally decided to work on another page in the sketchbook project, as I can see the time slowly coming to a close.

I unfortunately will probably only spend a days worth of time on each image. This character actually belongs to ~les-poumons. I had asked my fellow dA friends if they wanted to lend characters for me to draw for this project, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the array of people and ideas. I always liked her character, so this was an obvious choice for me when she presented him up for grabs.

I do have a few others in mind, and hope they come just as naturally.

I have been a bit quiet, but I have been working vigorously on a project. I'm pretty happy at the moment.

Also, my mother and little sister will be coming to visit over Christmas holiday. I'm totally hyped. They've never travelled out of the country before, so it will be quite fun.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Work Work


Work says : "No, you cannot have a life."

I secured a contract with a company now. To do 7 pictures. I'm totally hyped, but I would be lying if I said it was easy. First image, nearly done, just waiting for the final Okay to finish it up.

Trying to do some sketchbook project stuff on the side, but I really don't have time for it, so I've done this:


And that's probably about all that's going to be done in that book for about another month or so.

His name is Gregory. I will be keeping him. But seriously, no time to finish even that. And should actually be working on the second piece, which I will be in a moments time.....time..TIME. There is no such thing as time.

Sunday, October 2, 2011



So I started doing the Sketchbook Project 2012, and only managed to finish -this picture so far. I've got a few other compositions in mind, but haven't really had the chance to flesh them out! It's been quite busy again recently. I had to train yet another new person at work today, and been on the back and for with some potential work buddies.

Well, I say potential, but seems like they -will- be work buddies. Which I'm totally psyched about. They briefed me on what they wanted, and had me do a test page.


There was a tiny bit of confusion at first, I felt a bit nervous, but basically gave it my all when writing to them, and it's all seem to have worked out for the best! I'm a bit tired to write any more at the minute, but know that all is going well!

I also started painting the top picture, been doing a live stream, and been talking to some new buddies and stuff on there. It's been a might fine learning process I think and had a relatively good time talking about art things (which I don't normally get to do, as most people I talk to arn't really -that- interested). So...yeah. Time to go to bed, work tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Autumn Comes First


Philip Glass - Saxaphone Concerto - Part 3

Ljova and the Kontraband - Untango

I remember posting about this picture ages ago, like over a year ago. And I got lazy, and never finished it. SO I finally decided I would. Most of my gallry is of unfinished stuff, so I'm trying to polish some of it up. Granted this took a bit longer than I hope (then again everything does), but I wanted to try and put a bit more effort. More textures and stuff and approaching things slightly different. I learned a bit but maybe not as much as I would have liked to... Anyway you can see the detail if you care to :


But it's done now.

I also did a livestream while working on it, which was fun. It was nice having some people stop by just to say hey, and actually got to speak to Gitoku in real time. Which was a bit weird. We've known each other for about 5 years now on Deviantart, and comment on each others work often on there, but never spoke in real time before that. He was very pleasant and nice to talk to, and we learned a bit more about each other than we probably would have ever really known if we didn't speak face to to say. So I hope he stops by in the future! He's good company.

And durring me trying to finish that picture, Cephi promted me to do something for her quickly, so of course I said sure, and had to draw a background in like, 2 hours. That might be easy for some people , but I never draw enviroments, so it was difficult for me I admit.


It came out okay though. She's happy with it, so, there isn't much more I can ask for...

So all the leaves are changing colour and everything. Everyone is wearing brown and red and what not and buying their hot drinks. I love autumn. I forget that every once in a while. It does make me miss home, as we don't get Thanksgiving over here or even pumpkin pie. So I have to make my own pumpkin pies with a recipie courtious of my grandmother and they actually come out pretty good. But nothing beats being around family and just sitting around a dinner table talking for hours about anything and everything. I know my family wasn't perfect, nobodies is, but we talked. We loved each other, as most families do. We were there for each other...and I kind of feel like I'm not apart of that anymore. Not that it's anyone's fault. It's just the distance and time. Keeping up with people miles away gets tough, especially with all of them working at different times and just doing their own things. But that's all apart of growing up I suppose. We all turn into adults, and begin our own lives and the process of growing up and growing together starts all over again...

Took D down to the beach today and through the gardens. I actually did that walk on my own a couple days back with just me and D. Bought a hot chocolate and spilled it all over my hand, then sat in a tree for a half hour. But today it was Tom and myself and D and it was nice. Then we almost got told off for having D on a part of the beach where dogs werent allowed, and then walked through the gardens very slowly as D lost momentmum at that point. She's so lazy. I got some nice photos, but tom doesn't have his comp to take them off his phone, so maybe next time.

I love going down to the beach and stuff around September time. It's no freezing, but it's empty. The gardens arn't quite as busy, but there are still plants that havn't withered away and such. Around winter time though, the beach will probably be vastly I'll have to see if I can get down there with D around that time. Buy her a little coat to protecter from the harsh elements of nature...lololo.

I'll be making some postcards soon that will be for sale once I sort everything out...always feels like there's so much to do. Anyway. Just try to enjoy one day at a time, etc...

Here's a video I always liked, but have no idea what they're saying :

Fleur - Ремонт

Fleur makes for good autumn music as well. Love love to everyone.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tegaki Messenger


Get it : Awesome

Add me : 313-1074-5015


Sorry for the really lame updates, still working forever.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Winter is Coming


You know what that means.

...actually I don't either.

Thought I'd finish this up as it was sitting around doing nothing. Need to get better!

Here, have a wallpaper : Hooraay!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fabriqué en Italie


A bit has been going on in my life recently.

To put it frankly, I finally saw photos of my actual father, and spoke to him on the phone about a week ago.

It was very strange. We talked without hesitaion, and spoke for about an hour and a half on the phone.

For those of you who don't know me very well at all, if you care to know; I never knew my father personally. Knew barely anything of him to begin with. My mother had no photo, or anything from him. Only his name. There were some complications between him and my mother when I was concived. Not anything bad, but they both wanted different. So they parted ways.

And for the longest time, I always watched these movies and things, where these kids are without fathers, and how they resented them/ felt a loss for them not being there. I never understood that. He was never apart of my life. He wasn't really even an entitiy to me, being that I had only a name. He could be anyone. It never bothered me in the slightest that he was gone (and even saying that everytime, there was still a ver very niche sorty of doubt in my mind as to how true that was). I couldn't understand how they could hate someone so much without giving them a chance to understand their side of the story and why things turned out the way they were. I was always trying to be forgiving and sympathetic, even to fictional situations. I always said to myself "I'd never be like that. I'd always give them a chance."

That was until my mother actually managed to contact my father. I was reading a thread on a forum I frequent not to long ago about looking people up and finding them, and of course I was like "hmm, should try that again". I've tried sevral times before to no avail, only getting dead end phone numbers and thats about it. This time I thought "by now, everyone is on facebook" and lo and behold, there was a small photo of a privatised profile. The face was just as mine.and I was positive it was him.

I reached my mother and showed her and asked if that was him. She said it did look very much like him and that she'd leave him a message. So we did. And we waited...and waited for a while and nothing happened. I thought perhaps hes got a very different life now, and that bringing skeletons from the closet was not a good idea for him at the moment. Which I was fine with. It could have possibly not been him to begin with.

Fast foward a few months later and the house phone rings and I pick it up. It was my mother. "I've been trying to reach you all day!" She then explained that it was him on facebook, and that she added him, and they spoke briefly. The only thing i could repeat was "oh. wow. thats weird" and spread them quite thinly.

We kept in contact with each other the next few days and she told me about what he was talking about with her and showed me photos and explained more. And it wasn't until that moment when I started to understand why people felt unsettled with detached fathers.

It felt like he didn't even fign the slightest intrest in me. He didn't ask my mother anything about me. It was as if he had virtually no care in the world what so ever about my well being or existance. And on top of that I found out about his painting abilities and intrests as well and more and more I felt as if I wasn't my own unique being anymore.

I felt like my face wasn't my own face. That it wasn't unique to only myself. It was just a mash up between my mother's and my father's. And that all my intrest in art and painting and illustrating wasn't of my own desity, but that i was genetically predisposed to want to paint and draw. I started to feel like all these things that made "me" me was being snatched away and that I was just another human clone. Something like that. And to top it off, his lack of intrest and being more into what seemed like hooking up with my mother again, had worn on me. The only way I could settle that feeling of distress and if I may "abandonment" was if I told myself "It shouldn't be a surprize, he didn't care to begin with so why should he care now?"

The anger of him actually being there now, but still not really being there was begining to bottle up and only too soon did my mother arrange a date for us to speak together on the phone. I was initially what I wanted to do. I wanted to talk to him on the phone only because we couldn't do it face to face. I didn't want to start our relationship, if we were to have one, on facebook. But as more timed pass durring the week i was beginign to be afraid I might start off on a bad note. That I might try to call him out on his "mistakes" or whatever, or be brash and harsh. I didn't want to be like those people on TV. I genuinely wanted to give him a chance, but I continuted to get more andgry and confused at his seemingly blase attituted towards the whole ordeal with the way he spoke to my mother. I was soon to be proven wrong.

We spoke last sunday at almost exactly a week ago to the hour. And it went fantastically well. I was a bit shaken at first, but he started with the questions and it went from there. We both have insanely similar intrests and, well there is alot more to be learned. He's quite funny and I can almost see the charm that perhaps captured my mother when they were in their youth. I'm possibly going to meet him in person for the first time after 22 years after this coming Christmas.

I w3sa supposed to be speaking to him today, hwoever I had very little time this week to get in touch with my mother to arrange a time. I should probably apologize for my lack of effort, but busy times leave me with little time for pleasure.

Ive been working full time the past 3 weeks and probably for the next three, which is why I havn't drawn anything for ages and ages and not been updating. Anyway. I do have photos and things of Tom and I going to the park with D that I'll share next time.

For now though, I should start getting ready for another week of work, enjoying the small things, and making effort in finishing the things I've started.

OH! And the picture up top, is also apart of the story I mentioned in my previous post. He will be replacing asakati and is a doll. I think his name will be Fabriqué En Italie.

À bientôt, mon toute beauté personnes

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Holiday (An Even Longer Update)


Sufjan Stevens - The B.Q.E. - Movement I : In the Countenance of Kings

So I just got back on Saturday from going on holiday to Devon. We went for a week, and kind of worked on this very scarcely... like, on the train sometimes in cafes or resteraunts before being served and what have you. I also took too many photos to count. I really wanted to capture more of it for my mother, as I always tell her about it, but never really get to show her properly what I mean. Though really, she will be coming next year with my little sister ( and little brother and perhaps even my Uncle Eric if we're lucky).

And of course we had to start with the train journey, as everything does.

Not too many people made a fuss about her this time around. Though apparently while I went to go buy something some dude was talking to Tom and was like "Do you need to buy a ticket for her?" Tom said no, and he was a bit miffed about it.But it's whatever. Hater.

I think on the second day we went to the beach, which was good fun. We had D free from the lead and kind of...froliced back and forth on the beach. I tried to get her to go in the water. She literally just walked far enough to reach me, then wadled her fat ass back to shore. Then she found a ladybird friend.

Then she got bored with it and started running around on the rocks. It was good though. Usually D isn't very good with other dogs, but they were all runnin round free and whatever and like, they all got along. Then there was this big black dog that was stealing toys from the children. Great times. Naturally though ,being that we were in the country side we went out and did lots of walks. So we did the one just by the beach there that kind of rings around some farm yards and stuff and through an old stream bed.

And D loves those walks so we took her along. Jumping and like, leaping and sniffing things. Like a proper dog for once in her life. She really gets into the spirit of outdoorsey things when she wants to. Tom's father was with us as well, so it was kind of the two of them walking ahead and I paced behind with D. It was pretty gentle, and gave me lots of time to just think. About things that weren't the most thought profvoking things, but every once in a while you just need to kind of...well take it easy I guess. I do often times forget to do this... We also did alot of garden walks that were nice, but D wasn't allowed. Still enjoyable though.

So we went to Overbeck's and walked around the gardens there, which was nice and peacefull.Gave me alot of inspiration and things.(Look at the cool flower photo. I took that photo. I'm totally a pro) I really tried to get away from thinking about everything that was going on in life and just enjoying the "moment" I guess. Recently, as I'm getting older each day, I'm constantly reminding myself that "I havn't made it yet". I don't even know what "it" is or where it is even. Always trying to make the big thing that's going to save me or leave my name somewhere. I've just about to start that thing where I'm drawing not to show whats in my head, but to show what people want to see. I don't want to do that...

We also did a cliff walk there as well, but on a different day. We didnt have D that time, unfortunately. It was absolutely gorgeous...

I mean, the whole walk you didn't want to look at your feet to watch where you were going. It was just unbeliveable watching the hills move. We actually started at the top of the cliff , where we were about 406 ft above sea level. That's tom being near the edge. He was a bit scared, but both his father and I walked to the edge so he had to, though it didn't help that it was raining with gusts of wind and mist everywhere...

The walk way was really thin as well, in fact, that's like, the only place where there was a fence, cause theres a bend round one cliff there.The whole while walking though I kept imagining and fantasizing about how much my own family would enjoy to do a walk about like that. And even though I've already done most of them, I wouldn't mind the slightest doing them again if it were with my fam. And that's going back towards Overbeck's. We had to actually walk thought what I like to call


We had to walk right through there on that dirt path to the left side there, which actually leads up to that bend and I mean we were right there next to them. We all suddenly got quiet and kind of walked slowly cause we thought they might go all balls to the walls crazy and kill us or something. But infact they were quite peacefull.

I wanted to pet them, but knew better than to mess with them. Maybe next time I will while Tom's not looking so he can't yell at me. We also saw some cows earlier. It was pretty cool cause some guy was rounding them up with a truck and driving back and forth. And the cows ran, all of them together across the feild towards where we were. Then stopped and looked at us and got really close.

Then after they lost intrest they all ran back. I really really wish I took a video of them running. It' was just way too magical.

We also went to the Guild which is like some place in some near by town that sells art and crafty stuff with a cafe at the top. Tom, his father and I skipped the most of that while his mother stayed there and walked around the park area and there just happened to be an old car show going on there which was brilliant!

I swear to god I'm going to own that car one day. That shit is the most pimp thing I've ever seen. We also saw this dandy peice :

So cool. There were like, old fire trucks and busses and what have you and old motor bikes, but didnt get around to taking photos. (Didn't get the motor bikes cause there were like, dudes all sitting on/around them and I totally wussed out ;A;).

I think the next day we went to the zoo? Or the day after? I can't remember, but I do remember that there were loads of like, Peacocks just everywhere walkign around. Like, 20 of them just chilling everywhere.

One of them was running around the play area for kids. It put up with all the torture of the children chasing it in order to find the boundless amounts of junk food paraphanelia lying about. Desperate times call for desperate measures... though really it probably wasn't that bothered honestly.

Then we saw this little D thing (anything that is small and cute I usually say looks like/is D) that was chilling right next to us. I forget exactly what animal it was...a lemur i think, some kind of lemur. Either way it was pretty chill. Something else I wanted to pet but didn't cause Tom was watching and he totally would have scolded me if I did. Probably would have had my finger bitten off as well though so, 'sall good. We also went to the little gator palace. And kid you not this thing looked unreal.

Thing was just chilling, half floating in the water. Still as it could be. Didn't really notice it until the end of the little trail. It was inside a building that was all..misty and swampy and what not...

We had a pitstop by Slapton beach which is just pebbles and stones but remarkable. The sea looked quite metalic. Strange effect.

The day before we left we did a short trip to Greenway (the hosue Agatha Christie use to live in) and did a small walk around there again.

We also got cut infront of the qeue at the cafe there and Tom called the lady out on it. She was totally furious the rest of the day and when she was sitting next to us her and her lady friend kept going on about how "some people just don't have manners" in their posh middle class english voices. But it was pretty funny actually.

The very last day, well morning actually, I just let D around in the front yard of the Kingston House.

Being her lazy self she mostly sat.

And she walked a tiny bit.

But she mostly sat around...

I never really realise how tiny she is sometimes... Anyway. All this walking about and taking a haiatus from the computer and everything really brought me back to the story I originally started when I actually started this blog a long time ago...


And I'm going to take a break from posting on dA again and all that other huffuff. I think I did pretty well last time when I had my break. I was actually able to practice and really try and get better at doing what I love to do, and think it's time for me to focus again. Always so worried about impressing, but I end up with nothing to show because of being distracted...

So I'm dedicating myself to myself for a while, before I go out and play..though honestly there arn't many people to play with anyway.... Either way, the holiday was a good wake up call. This coming friday we're going to new forest to go bicycling for Tom's Father's birthday. Will be extraordinary.

Time to get back to where we belong I suppose...

Love to everyone~

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



FINALLLLY!! It's FInished. The second half, for Laark of her character Phantasmagorio

I had a really difficult time thinking up the composition for this, and had drawn at least 5 other pictures for this that I completely scrapped. But I'm pretty pleased with this one, and apparelntly so is Laark. All is well. Finished it just in time for my holiday too!

And listened to alot of Sufjan Stevens, and namely this track:

Sufjan Stevens - Age of Ads

Dib had sent me some of his stuff ages ago, and when I finally got around to giving it a proper listen, fell in love with it instantly. He has some really really hardcore and brilliant tracks, but some of his more folky stuff is a bit more of an aquired taste and slow to digest (as I find anyway). Though honestly, I'm sure I'll get around to liking it just like I tend to like everything....

We went to Oxford sunday to go see Tom's buddy Dan.

He showed us around and we got to see the infamous lawn. he said don't touch it.

And he showed us around loads of the gardens and rivers and stuff... which was well nice.

Theres a tree just off to the right of that which is like -perfect- for climbing, and I did, but then Dan was all like "Don't fall in the water" and got scared like a bitch :c

We ended up doing a load of walking that day, and there was this amazing book store that was dedicated to selling -only- art books and poasters. We ended up spending alot of time in that one for obvious reasons. They also had these huge moleskine sketchbooks, so of course, without hesitation, I perchased them.

They're huge, and I've already started to gush at the thought of drawing in them. Lack of time has dissallowed it for the time being though. I'm def brining the smaller of the two on holiday with me, though even that size is more than adiquate.

Also, I never got to post what I got for my birthday, which was incredibly amazing.

and Claire got me

She hand made the monkey c: It has a happy home on the top of my dest with the beainy bunny and cat I have.

The Mucha books were from Tom's parents and the Devine Comedey was from Ren. I started reading it and it's absolutely precious. I need to finish it, but time said "NO!".

And those Mucha books are quality. Every page is filled quite gratiously. I alway hate when art books have more text than pictures, but this is totally the opposite of that so 'sall good.

If you're a big fan, buy them. You -will- be happy with them. Cause I know I am.




On that note I should probably go as it's late and I gotta get up early, work all day tomorrow, pack , then leave Friday morning. Then it's a nice. Long. Break.

Here. Have this song.

Basement Jaxx - Walking in the Clouds