Monday, March 26, 2012



So busy recently. Finished this up the other week. Feel like I could have done a bit more. I'm not so upset with it or anything, but. Yeah. Details.


I always feel like so much of the detail gets lost. I always paint so closely, then when I resize it for desplay and all, everything is kind of gone and it's all a peachy blob! OH well, just need to learn... anyway, here's the calendar for the month of April. Hope you got all your egg dye ready... Oh, and I did a full body version and detail version cause....I like wasting time. Okay?

Full Body :

Close Up :

I think maybe I just like making lists.... anyway. enjoy, I guess. If anyone is paying attention, which they probably arn't. But whatever. I can look back at this in the days to come, and laugh fondly as I sit back with a glass of sherry whilst in my mink robe, and pip-piping away....

lollo and I'm like 12 pages into this thing :


Good night dears.

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