Saturday, May 21, 2011



Firstly, I would like to say thank you Gitoku, that second one was def up my alley. Cheers and lets continue to share the things we love.

Secondly, this is a sketch I did for ~peverted-kitty. Of her character character : here. He doesnt have a name yet. And I kind of reminagined him years later after his abandonment...

Here's something thats been playing on the radio a bit recently, that I rather like.

Brookes Brothers - In Your Eyes

and here are some other sketches ive done recently


I thought I'd finish up this picture , so I'm slowly working on it. Don't want to half ass.

And I was in p-chat with Dib today and did this.


And then I met a really awesome new friend today. They also sent me amazing musics.

like this :

Peter Fox - Alles Neu

What an interesting day today. I was lazy for most of it. but it has been a good day none the less.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I know I shouldn't be drawing at work, but it was very slow today, as well as the shop being mostly kept together. There wasn't much to do other than talk to the occational customer, and I was slowly going out of my mind. Then after doing this sketch between customers for about..2 hours or so maybe? I eventually came to my senses and regained my collective spirit, then drew this :


...then I ran out of lead for my pencil. That hasn't happened before.

Belive you me, I -will- finish this. It's not very often I draw young men in quazi athletic gear behaving as house pets. And I won't let my lack of materials let this dream die out.

And because I havn't shared any music in ages, you can have this cool cat. I promise, this song is absolutely sublime, given enough time.

Dave Holland Quartet - Conference of the Birds

I have one recording of this song, but not this version preformed by this quartet. I can't seem to find it for purchase anywhere. This irks me beyond all belife.


P.S.: I'm actually working on my website finally. I'm a pretty bad procrastinator, but finally, it's getting done.

Friday, May 13, 2011

F*ck da police, brofv.


Tom and I went on a little tangent trying to talk like south londoners mixed with a Jamaican twang. It was the stupidest shit yet.

Anyway, here's a vomit of junk sketches which may or may not be of any intrest to you or your family or family of friends.





I think these don't really need an explination...

I'm still trying really really hard to stay with this one cannibal story. It's not proving easy, cause i get distracted easy as many of you may know. but. I am trying....I havn't posted any music for ages. Maybe next time I won't be so lazy.

This Drawing of the Day thing is pretty difficult. I'm not too strict with myself as far as it's concerned, but it's a great exersize...I think?

God, my spelling is so horrible. I don't even know if anything is spelled correctly or wrongly.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Star Trek : The Next Generation


Before Tom and I started watching this one, I was a bit against watching because there were a hell of a alot of episodes that we would have to go through. In my younger years, my uncle tried to get me to watch this, but I was about 8. It was boring, dull coloured and uninteresting as far as I was concerned.

I'm glad Tom talked me into watching it. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and I'll tell you why.

Firstly, the men wear dresses.

In any universe, where the men wear femenin clothing by my standards, is a plus by one million.

On the real though, I think this is a way of the show presenting itself in a way. Trying to say " Look, we've gotten this far. Things are different, shit is great man." Men and women can wear dresses in harmony, and no one is going to try and beat their ass because they feel like decking out in whatever makes them comfortable. Though because it is a different time and era, this could/probably be completely off the mark and just simply be normal wear for anyone or be a particular kind of dress, like informal, or formal, whatever. We couldn't really know because the men in dresses arn't really interrogated in the show as to why they're wearing them. All I know is that it's hot.

Now bear in mind, I havn't watched the original Star Trek with Captain Kirk or anyting yet, but I def want to when I get the time, because I thoroughly enjoy this one, and I belive it may like to push the barriers on the things we think about from day to day.

There's alot of action to be seen if you're into to all that, but there's way more than meets the eye when listening and taking into concideration of what the characters are going on about.

For example, the fourth episode in season 1. Mind you I've only watched a good handfull at this point, but I'm hoping that the show stays solid all the way through.

Anyway. There are the Lingonians in this episode, and I was fasinated by how their culture was presented, preserved and expressed without making them seem incredibly infirior to our own human race. Though they were incredibly alike in many ways, things were much much different. Couples were created out of love or out of the want for power, just like in our society still. However Men were powerfull in social aspects, where as the women were powerfull in wealth. Both men and women had bargain chips with what they were worth ( as we all still do on many levels. Be it looks, success, or just how capable we are socially.), and people in this culture were able to maintain power, politeness, but still stay reserved in their traditional belifes. By the end of the episode....we'll I don't want to spoil it, if you havn't watched it, but let's jsut say there is an exchange of power, and this change is excepted without hesitation and with obedience. It was a very clever twist, and ultimately, makes one question their own choices, and how is it that their choices are morally right and more so than others "morally right" desicions.

The other episodes continue to explore things such as concious thought in the physical world, and what it could possibly beyond the physical realm. It delves in the idea of social construct, different ways cltures can work and advance while still maintaining their own ways, and still not being any lesser than the other next to it. There are def points where there is confilc of intrest in opposing parties, but these are resolved in witty ways, or in basic humanly ways.. which isn't always the best option.

And of course, this shit is funny as hell. It's incredibly hilarious, despite all the heavy handed ideas each episode is based around. Also

Data is awesome. Watch episode 3. Everyone who has done, knows what I'm talking about.

That's about as much as I can say about it at the moment. I might rethink what I've said when I'm further into the enitre thing of what is Star Trek : The Next Generation. If you've never come across it because it looked boring as shit, I kid you not, this thing is proper balls to the wall amazin.

Yall keep it greasy.

Also. Sorry for any typos/miss spellings/bad grammer. It's 12 am here.