Monday, March 29, 2010

Jesus Christ ...


... is angry because Cephi wont give up her virginity to him. I guess hes the equivalent of an angsty teen with firearms.

I havn't drawn anything for ages and ages, so I thought I should do something...since I havn't been working as much as I would have liked on C&C's story and what not.

Work has been having it's ups and downs. I'm going to the university tomorrow finally to talk about the film course and animation course....not sure which one I should persue...bah.

Anyway, I been hitting up alot of old songs. Making me feel super nostalgic :c.

Need to draw MORE! OH OH , and PSU is closing down (thank god) so I've been playing that a bit recently for the lulz.....Maybe I'll post pictures of that failure later....

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So I got a DSi recently, and it's alot more fun with the little extra tidbits that I originally thought it would be. I also got Art Academy: First Semester and had a go with the pencil stuff in there. Not too shabby!


I really got it thought to mess around with the paint part of it. I really really suck at painting, and hopefully just spending like 30 mins a day should help me improve. Also lets me do more studying rather than doing original peices.

BUT BUT BUT. It can take pictures too. And so I'll show you the awesome pacakage from Belicosa.


I knew this was for me the second I saw it in the pile of mail at the front door!! IT'S SO CUTEEEE @u@



Look at dem stickers. That shit is mad cute too.


And a sweet x3!!!


And thats all my awesome shit together! I also got a little comic that had a segment of her work. Shes sooooo adorable <3333 All the hard work put into this makes me want to cry ; _;;;;; Uaggggggg. Now I feel like doing a gift in return! I'm such a creeper.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sparkle Sparkle


I've been doing unrelated comic stuff this past week...2 weeks maybe? Need to get back on track. Though that last one was pretty fun. Spelling mistakes and all. I keep playing with the thought of making a Military Men Colouring Book...cause it would be mad fun yo. Anyway.

So I was nearly fired a couple days back. He was saying that I wasn't catching on quickly enough and things. Which made me feel pretty shitty because I thought I was doing fairly well. Guess not. So instead of moping Tom came with the idea of drawing a flyer for him, since he was talking about it before. I was originally thinking about doing a buisness card for him, being that he didn't have any decent ones, only ones on regular printed paper...anway, so I came up with his thing:


and did a back as well.


He was estatic when he saw them, and now his comments and reactions towards me have been a complete 180. Which really weirds me out. Does he still think I'm working bad in the store? I can't tell :c.... Tom said I shouldn't worry and just be glad that I was able to save my ass and let my skills come in handy. I must say I am pretty satisfied with myself doing this. Came out better than I thought.

In other news, I finally got my order through from Belicosa. And I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo happy with it. It's soooo awesome. She was selling sketchbooks for only $3 ; _;. Gaw. So awesome. I took pictures cause she made me this aweeesooome package. I feel spoiled. I almost want to draw her something back and mail it but then she might think I was some creepy stalker c:... which I kind of am cause I love her work so much ; _;... I'll show photos next time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not Dead, I promise.


For those of you who don't know, I've been working on Meretricium quite Fervently (a whole 3 pages!! WOOOO!!!111). I'd love to show you guys some pages and what not , but I don't want to show it until I get a good deal of it done. Though I've been showing it to some friends and whatevs, but I gotta stop that soon too, or they won't be able to enjoy the story properly :c. So now I gotta become a hermit ...

In other news. I did get the job. Now I get to tell what pretty dresses such and such a girl should wear. I wish my confidence didn't deminish the way it has. I'll get it back.... I will.But having a job is nice. I feel productive. I'm happy! I'm better! I don't sit around moping all day thinking " oh. I -could- be doing this" and it.

I'm so lucky.

Oh , and thanks again Gitoku, for that awesome track. Keep it real, keep it fresh ya'll.