Friday, February 7, 2014

The Dream Coat

Commission of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours. This one was quite interesting as the person approached me and I haven't spoken to them before at all. We did a lot of back and forth making sure it was perfectly to his liking. He managed to point out a fair few things that perhaps I would have over looked, or have missed, so it was nice having different perspective.

I try to keep in touch with most of my commissioners who go for larger works, as they're making an investment into something that will (hopefully) stay on their wall for a long while. It's really heart warming to know that someone want's my work and my visual depictions of something important to them in their personal space. Knowing this always makes me wish I could get to know each commissioner to the extent of a close friend, but this is both unreasonable and impractical. I do however, get to talk to them briefly through emails or via skype, and it's endearing, however brief of fleeting it is.

As far as how I feel...I've been feeling much better again. I think I realised that there are just going to be times where I feel bad again. It's natural. I just have to remember that because I've felt bad for a little while doesn't mean that I've lost all my progress. If I've climbed 20 feet up a ladder and went down one or two because I was scared for a moment...I'm still 18 feet high. I think I put things into weird analogies so that I can more easily remember the things I've taught myself later down the road. Like little sticky notes.

So yes I will sometimes feel bad. But that doesn't mean I've messed up or done something wrong.

I was reading the other day some feelings and opinions from people who have medication to help stabilise their moods and things sounded quite painful. And I think even in my most painful hours it's not nearly quite as bad. I feel for them. I really do.

I'm trying more and more to do the things I actually want to do. I might have mentioned before. It's been working out okay. Sometimes it's still hard to get the motivation to go and do something that doesn't require me sitting in the house, but eventually it will be no problem.

There will be an alt version of the picture on my Tumblr soon, as I personally prefer him with long hair.

I have also recently come across FKA twigs, and I must say I'm eagerly awaiting more work.

FKA - How's That

I find it really relaxing.

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