Sunday, February 9, 2014

High Key. Getit

I was trying to finish this for my weekly task thing. This week was to do a painting in high key and low key pallets. I've only just realised now that Andro looks both high, and is holding a key. I drew the initial sketch some time ago though.

Sometimes its nice and healthy to be really busy. I just wish I didn't feel really busy 100% of the time. I want to be able to sit down and relax without thinking "God damnit I'm wasting TIME!"


I tried finishing this for my 52 task, but this week I also helped do some little pixel things for one of Tom's projects. It was actually kind of fun and relaxing.... 

I'll try and finish the this picture sometime. In fact, I'll try and work on the comic sometime.


  1. Hallu

    I am often of DA commenting about how much i detest your amazeballs skills. Since i prefer reading blogs - I just may stalk you on here.

    Take it easy on yourself, if I could show you my utter amazement when i look at your pics, i totally would.

    you're glorious (i totally hate you).

    1. Thank you for taking the time leaving a comment on here! I often use this place to let of steam and just have really basic updates on my life (so i can go back later and cackle about my short sighted short comings). I hope my posts wont get you down, but now that I know you're watching I'll try and compose myself a bit better haha. But thank you again for expressing and sending so much love my way! We may not know each other well, but it certainly helps keep one's chin up. I'll be keeping an eye out on yours as well now!

    2. pfft - be yourself as much as you like - that's what things like this are here for. I will, when i can offer a comment or so but dont let that change the way you express yourself - you could write hurdle burgle and I'd still dig it.

      Also - do you ever save any of your streams? because of time differences i cant watch. And honestly i receivtly received a new bamboo tablet and am at a loss as to how to even begin tackling digital painting.

      take care.

    3. I use to , but it kept saving like, loads and loads of them because my connection kept cutting out. Now that I've got it fixed somewhat I can try saving again. If you're ever wanting to chat about art you can always send me a note wherever and I'll be happy to ask any questions! I think the best way to tackle digital painting though is to still treat it like real painting. A lot of the theory stuff still applies since most of it has to do with perception than the actual tools that are being use. I do have a study group on tumblr where I post tasks each week to help people think about their approach to art. You can always check it out ( I was thinking I might also show my painting process, since I've had a few people asking recently, so I'll send it your way if I ever get around to it! But yes, feel free to contact me through anything <3