Friday, February 14, 2014


A speed paint commission of Violet for Solice. I can't remember if I posted the previous one or not.

It is also Valentine's Day! It wasn't planned but I suppose the picture is fitting. They're very happy with it and it was ridiculously fun painting this. I've been having more erotic commissions as of late (not that I mind),but it's certainly exciting to work on them! More and more I recall the days where my siblings would tell me I'd never get paid for the kind of work I do. Ah well. Having to do these commissions have slowly been helping me with my self confidence though in a way.

I think I'm doing better. I'm balancing myself out. So today is a good day! It's really rainy and windy and horrible outside, but D and I have survived. I've had some hot chocolate; I found it in my cupboard. I think I got it for Christmas but must have forgotten all about it. It's a lovely one though; needs milk instead of water, but it has a nice rich flavour to it.

We'll be watching Big Trouble in Little China this evening. I haven't seen that movie for a long long time. I can barely remember a thing from it. It looks fantastic though, and we have toffee popcorn.

Well I best be off. I start work on my next big commission on Monday! Lots of armour in it, which will be fun to paint.

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  1. ugh, you and your delicate skin and eyelashes and jawlines.... UGH!!!!!
    Glad to know you're doing better, its always an uphill battle (but think of the muscles you'll have when you're through... sweeet!)
    Interestingly enough (i know this post is old but meh) I watched bog trouble in little china last night with the BF. Kim Cattral (sp?) was a fox.