Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Christmas is like...two weeks away. I got most of my Christmas shopping done, but still have a lot of work that needs doing before then. So really...I should be working now rather than writing this so I will keep it short.

A few weeks back (maybe a month or so?) I was talking about making Robo Adoptables. 

The idea of adoptables in itself is already pretty convoluted, and my original plan seem to make it even more confusing than before. Essentially adoptables were character designs that you could buy to use as you wanted for personal use (so not to make money off the design or anything). I thought it would be a fun idea because i really love sci-fi things, even if I don't draw them very often, and I wanted to introduce people into designing their own...in a way. I thought perhaps, if I were to create something like a robo -for- my clients , they would then go on to draw said character, either further design them, or come up with more on their own.

So when people buy a custom robo from me, they would get a variety of "parts" in which they could swap around if they likes. I wanted to do it as a sort of blue print, but when I started on one for myself, it just didn't translate very well and basically felt a bit empty. So the very top one is a test run on how I would like to present the works to my client. Thanks to Norree who has kindly been my guinea pig, and will be helping me with how things will go.

I've got two other outfits to design for that particular one, and then I will be opening up officially for these kinds of commissions. I'd like for this to really grow into something more, but there is a lot of planning that needs to be done before hand. Baby steps....

Alright I have a million bazillion things to do so I better go like, NOW.

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