Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Is Coming

So I managed to get a preview done of how I will do the Christmas commissions. I'm hoping they go down well but I will admit I'm a bit worried. I always am when I open for commissions. I always get the feeling that they won't go down so well or that people will tire of me. But this is my only source of income now so I really need to push....or perhaps I need to learn how to pull. 

Here's a copy/paste of the info on how the commissions work : 
I have decided to do Christmas themed commissions this year as well , using the 12 Days of Christmas!
How it Works:
You give me the character you would like drawn, and I will put them in one of the scenarios of the 12 days (eg as a maid o’ milkin, or you know, drummer boy).
As you can see here, Andro is appreciating a lovely partridge given to him whilst standing next to a pear tree.
There are only 11 slots available.
Each commission comes with a printable 5.5 square inch PSD file, so that you may make cards and send them on their merry way.
They should all be finished before Christmas.
Wouldn’t it be lovely to send your best buddy a card with -their- favourite character on it? You bet your ass it would.
How to contact Me:
You can either on tumblrnote me on dA , or email me at I reply to every message, so if for whatever reason I do not respond in 24 hours, please use one of the other methods to contact me.
Oh man, I just need to say, Happy Thanksgiving to all you out there across the great pond. And get ready for Christmas.
Have some glamorous Christmas shopping music : 

I sometimes think perhaps I try to put too many ribbons and bows aroung my presentation but I really enjoy dressing things up. I think maybe I could get better, and be less over the top, but that's something that comes with practice.

Anyway I hope someone buys one! Time for some sleep.....

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