Saturday, November 23, 2013


As I said before I'm going to try and post more often. Not that I want to post everyday or anything. But I figured if I post today, I hopefully won't leave it for another 5 bajillion years. I love the word bajillion by the way. Though Chrome is trying to correct it to "bazillion" but I prefer bajillion.

I started this painting a few weeks back, but I thought I'd just touch it up and finish it otherwise It'll never be done and just sit on my hard drive forever and eventually be too ugly for me to release it into the light of day.

I played Metal Gear Rising : Revengence not too long ago. It was amazing. I played through the entire story once over in 12 hours, no breaks, save for dinner. I will admit that what kept me hooked was the constant screen time Raiden's precious booty had, but at the same time it was just generally fun to play. I really enjoyed the character designs (particularly Raiden's heels). The story it self was fairly engaging, and though I haven't played the other Metal Gears yet, I didn't at all feel lost , so it's incredibly friendly in it's approach to new people within the franchise. I think this is probably due to the fact that this is Raiden's own separate story which has little connection -I believe- with the rest of Metal Gear. It wasn't shy of small bits of humour, and some of the dialogue injected some real world events which I suppose surprised me, but I hear this has always been the case for the MG series.

I don't get hooked on many games, but this is certainly one of the ones that I have. This may because of it's striking similarities to Bayonetta (Platinum Studio helped with the end polishing of the game and mechanics) in both style and game play. A bit flash and over the top, while somehow getting booties on the screen.

My personal favourite aspect to the game is that Raiden is simultaneously the protagonist while being cast in a fairly sexual light. In fact, he's one of the very -very- few male characters in the gaming world that have an overt sexual appeal, and was created especially for that apparently because of some fan mail the creator Kojima received from a young lady, saying they didn't want to play as an old man. Thank you, Kojima....

...Hm. Other than that...not much else. I need to bake my pumpkin pie. And I keep saying this but never do it.

Back to work though, have lots of commissions and shit to catch up on.

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