Sunday, October 2, 2011



So I started doing the Sketchbook Project 2012, and only managed to finish -this picture so far. I've got a few other compositions in mind, but haven't really had the chance to flesh them out! It's been quite busy again recently. I had to train yet another new person at work today, and been on the back and for with some potential work buddies.

Well, I say potential, but seems like they -will- be work buddies. Which I'm totally psyched about. They briefed me on what they wanted, and had me do a test page.


There was a tiny bit of confusion at first, I felt a bit nervous, but basically gave it my all when writing to them, and it's all seem to have worked out for the best! I'm a bit tired to write any more at the minute, but know that all is going well!

I also started painting the top picture, been doing a live stream, and been talking to some new buddies and stuff on there. It's been a might fine learning process I think and had a relatively good time talking about art things (which I don't normally get to do, as most people I talk to arn't really -that- interested). So...yeah. Time to go to bed, work tomorrow morning!

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  1. OMG, this Sketchbook Project awesome!
    Someone find your sketchbook, take him and RUUUUN, and on the nex day sold someone who pay big money))