Wednesday, July 13, 2011



FINALLLLY!! It's FInished. The second half, for Laark of her character Phantasmagorio

I had a really difficult time thinking up the composition for this, and had drawn at least 5 other pictures for this that I completely scrapped. But I'm pretty pleased with this one, and apparelntly so is Laark. All is well. Finished it just in time for my holiday too!

And listened to alot of Sufjan Stevens, and namely this track:

Sufjan Stevens - Age of Ads

Dib had sent me some of his stuff ages ago, and when I finally got around to giving it a proper listen, fell in love with it instantly. He has some really really hardcore and brilliant tracks, but some of his more folky stuff is a bit more of an aquired taste and slow to digest (as I find anyway). Though honestly, I'm sure I'll get around to liking it just like I tend to like everything....

We went to Oxford sunday to go see Tom's buddy Dan.

He showed us around and we got to see the infamous lawn. he said don't touch it.

And he showed us around loads of the gardens and rivers and stuff... which was well nice.

Theres a tree just off to the right of that which is like -perfect- for climbing, and I did, but then Dan was all like "Don't fall in the water" and got scared like a bitch :c

We ended up doing a load of walking that day, and there was this amazing book store that was dedicated to selling -only- art books and poasters. We ended up spending alot of time in that one for obvious reasons. They also had these huge moleskine sketchbooks, so of course, without hesitation, I perchased them.

They're huge, and I've already started to gush at the thought of drawing in them. Lack of time has dissallowed it for the time being though. I'm def brining the smaller of the two on holiday with me, though even that size is more than adiquate.

Also, I never got to post what I got for my birthday, which was incredibly amazing.

and Claire got me

She hand made the monkey c: It has a happy home on the top of my dest with the beainy bunny and cat I have.

The Mucha books were from Tom's parents and the Devine Comedey was from Ren. I started reading it and it's absolutely precious. I need to finish it, but time said "NO!".

And those Mucha books are quality. Every page is filled quite gratiously. I alway hate when art books have more text than pictures, but this is totally the opposite of that so 'sall good.

If you're a big fan, buy them. You -will- be happy with them. Cause I know I am.




On that note I should probably go as it's late and I gotta get up early, work all day tomorrow, pack , then leave Friday morning. Then it's a nice. Long. Break.

Here. Have this song.

Basement Jaxx - Walking in the Clouds


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