Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sparkle Sparkle


I've been doing unrelated comic stuff this past week...2 weeks maybe? Need to get back on track. Though that last one was pretty fun. Spelling mistakes and all. I keep playing with the thought of making a Military Men Colouring Book...cause it would be mad fun yo. Anyway.

So I was nearly fired a couple days back. He was saying that I wasn't catching on quickly enough and things. Which made me feel pretty shitty because I thought I was doing fairly well. Guess not. So instead of moping Tom came with the idea of drawing a flyer for him, since he was talking about it before. I was originally thinking about doing a buisness card for him, being that he didn't have any decent ones, only ones on regular printed paper...anway, so I came up with his thing:


and did a back as well.


He was estatic when he saw them, and now his comments and reactions towards me have been a complete 180. Which really weirds me out. Does he still think I'm working bad in the store? I can't tell :c.... Tom said I shouldn't worry and just be glad that I was able to save my ass and let my skills come in handy. I must say I am pretty satisfied with myself doing this. Came out better than I thought.

In other news, I finally got my order through from Belicosa. And I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo happy with it. It's soooo awesome. She was selling sketchbooks for only $3 ; _;. Gaw. So awesome. I took pictures cause she made me this aweeesooome package. I feel spoiled. I almost want to draw her something back and mail it but then she might think I was some creepy stalker c:... which I kind of am cause I love her work so much ; _;... I'll show photos next time.

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  1. The flier looks really professional! Well done! You probably saved your employer a few thousand dollars there, no wonder he's happy.