Monday, March 29, 2010

Jesus Christ ...


... is angry because Cephi wont give up her virginity to him. I guess hes the equivalent of an angsty teen with firearms.

I havn't drawn anything for ages and ages, so I thought I should do something...since I havn't been working as much as I would have liked on C&C's story and what not.

Work has been having it's ups and downs. I'm going to the university tomorrow finally to talk about the film course and animation course....not sure which one I should persue...bah.

Anyway, I been hitting up alot of old songs. Making me feel super nostalgic :c.

Need to draw MORE! OH OH , and PSU is closing down (thank god) so I've been playing that a bit recently for the lulz.....Maybe I'll post pictures of that failure later....

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