Saturday, January 11, 2014


I've been commissioned for two pencil works, and the commissioner said I could do whatever I wished. I haven't drawn mermaids for about 12 years (as far as I remember). I've been wanting to draw one for ages now, and I finally had my chance. It was very strange. A lot of memories from my adolescent and pre-teen years has resurfaced. 

We watched Star Trek Voyager again today. At the end of the episode Kess says to Tuvok about how does she go back to "normal" and make what had happened to her seem like it never happened. Tuvok said she can't. That she would only adapt to her new self and that she is now changed forever and that all she could change now is her future.. That struck a chord. A lot of this blog I've been writing about how I want to get back to my old self. I've never really thought about building up a new self. 

The idea is eerily exciting and enchanting all the same.

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