Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paint Chat yo


So I've been bad and been paint chatting these past days instead of doing other probably more important things. And of course some interesting/funny stuff ensues.

I was having a party you see, and shit got real. You can read the whole drabble as to what went down on my dA submission here. It basically started out with me saying all like "what should i draw". Anyway, it made for good/bad times.

But I managed to get some good pals up there for half a minute and did some other fun stuff. Like these:

That was another thing where I just asked someone there what to draw. Which works out alright cause they make me draw things I wouldn't have otherwise.

I even got tom up there for a few minutes as well. Someone told me to draw some awesome sauce (:/) and tom just did whatever that thing is. Then we replicated the sauce to be sure that there was enough for everyone. Fortunately there was.

Then finally at the end of the day I managed to snaggle Enzymer who's probably one of my most inspirational and awesome artist buddies of all time.

We only had about an hour or so to play cause Tom and I had to go to bed and things, but I'm really looking forward to pchatting with her again. She's so cool 'A'.

Other than that I've still been slowly working on this thing:

Slowly slowly. I;m trying alot with the different textures and things.. I hope it's working, though I feel I should redo the collar bit.

Also STILL trying to do Laark's comission. I've restarted this thing at least ten times. I just cant seem to get the composition right. Must keep treking!

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  1. That furry detail on the shoulder pauldron is sweet, you should definitely keep it and add to the other shoulder =3

    It's coming along very well so far^^