Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sleeping Invader


More distractions from what I'm supposed to be doing. Jesus thought he could be clever. So he disguised. We can see how far he gets...

It's raining pretty bad ove rhere. It's usually really shitty weather (suppposed to be anyway ) over here in the UK, but the spring so far has been great. But today, it was soooooo windy and pelting with rain. I had to walk poor D out there, with her little pink raincoat and everything. We both got soaked. Had to peel my jeans off me like a layer of excess skin when I got back. gross.

I guess it's not as bad when it's properly raining though. I hate it when it's just a light kind of cold thing going on. I like hearing the noise of the rain hitting the house and the wind when it sounds like everythings going to be blown away. Expecting some old granny to fly by like Merry Poppins or some crazy shit.It's gotten more quiet now though.

Tom and I did plan to go to Wagamama's today though and to a movie, but kind of gave up cause of the weather. And the fact that there wasn't anything spectacular on. Kind of want to see the hangover 2, but not really. Was looking foward to those duck dumplings ...they're so good.

...I still keep trying to work on Laark's other half of the comission. But I keep coming to a dead end. I have virtually the entire week of this week though, so I'll get it done. Speaking of getting things done, I've nearly got my proper website up. Just got a tiny few more things to do, then it will completed. Then I won't be such a pansy about approaching people for work. I'll have a nice collected space of where my work is, that presents it well. So. Yeah. Unfotunately I havn't got many pictures to post today.

I do have some music though. I never got to thank Dib properly for introducing me to the majic of Sufjan Stevens.

Theres a bit of love/hate surroundign this guy. He did alot of folk type music, but has been moving into a more experimental sound it seems. People who are dear fans of his old work don't seem to like this shift but, I love it. Haters be damned.

So heres a track that I find quite pleasant. Fit's the wether nicely. Save it for a rainy day if you can.

Sufjan Stevens - Movement II - Sleeping Invader

There are alot of other awesome tracks that he has hidden up his sleevs, but I'll share those later with the appropriate pictures....

I picked up my "Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You" book. I need to finish it.

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