Saturday, May 21, 2011



Firstly, I would like to say thank you Gitoku, that second one was def up my alley. Cheers and lets continue to share the things we love.

Secondly, this is a sketch I did for ~peverted-kitty. Of her character character : here. He doesnt have a name yet. And I kind of reminagined him years later after his abandonment...

Here's something thats been playing on the radio a bit recently, that I rather like.

Brookes Brothers - In Your Eyes

and here are some other sketches ive done recently


I thought I'd finish up this picture , so I'm slowly working on it. Don't want to half ass.

And I was in p-chat with Dib today and did this.


And then I met a really awesome new friend today. They also sent me amazing musics.

like this :

Peter Fox - Alles Neu

What an interesting day today. I was lazy for most of it. but it has been a good day none the less.

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