Monday, May 16, 2011


I know I shouldn't be drawing at work, but it was very slow today, as well as the shop being mostly kept together. There wasn't much to do other than talk to the occational customer, and I was slowly going out of my mind. Then after doing this sketch between customers for about..2 hours or so maybe? I eventually came to my senses and regained my collective spirit, then drew this :


...then I ran out of lead for my pencil. That hasn't happened before.

Belive you me, I -will- finish this. It's not very often I draw young men in quazi athletic gear behaving as house pets. And I won't let my lack of materials let this dream die out.

And because I havn't shared any music in ages, you can have this cool cat. I promise, this song is absolutely sublime, given enough time.

Dave Holland Quartet - Conference of the Birds

I have one recording of this song, but not this version preformed by this quartet. I can't seem to find it for purchase anywhere. This irks me beyond all belife.


P.S.: I'm actually working on my website finally. I'm a pretty bad procrastinator, but finally, it's getting done.

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  1. Hey Spacebubble, thanks for sharing the music again.

    If you like that style perhaps you'll be interested in Sean Lennon's instrumental track Photosynthesis: and Sean's Theme: