Saturday, April 30, 2011



Prince William and Kate got married yesterday. It was pretty interesting and lovely. There's a bit of debate of why is it even relevent, but I don't mind it. They do a lot of things for the country in return and live a mandatory life style. Born into slavery almost, just a different kind. I hope they stay happy forever. I'd wish that for any couple.

Anyway. This morning Tom,his father and I went out for breakfast at this resteraunt thats atop this apartment complex. The place was absolutely smashing and gorgeous. It had a clear veiw of the sea. The food was amazing, and the prices weren't any worse than going to a regular chepo resteraunt. Lovely lovely, and I hope we go there again soon. The sun was out, and was hazy. The sea looked really peacefull.

We went for a walk down by the beach for about a half hour after our lovely brunch. It was great.

We picked up a package addressed to me this morning. It was my Indefinete Leave to Remain. I can stay in the UK now without any problem. We're basically free to live normally now.

... Last night I think I saw a photo of my father for the first time. I never seen him before...

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