Sunday, August 29, 2010

Millenium Child


Knocking on Cephi's door...


but she refuses him... so he waited..


...and waited :c. Poor chap. But at least Tom showed up.


So I did a short study with one of J. C. Leyendeckers pieces. (obsessed with him atm). I guess it came out alright. Maybe next time I'll do a better job. Tegaki is fun!

Tegakitegakitegaki :0

And of course....

Jonnie showed me Estradasphere the other day...and they're A+. A lot of thier stuff is very different from song to song. Havn't gone through everything of thiers yet but goddam.

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  1. dude wow ! you update so much its hard to keep up lol! I really like the little comic on the waiting! <3 i read the other two posts i missed. (o.O) sometimes man it get so hard and you cant seem to pull yourself out. nothing changed on my side so.. <3 keep me posted buddy!