Friday, August 13, 2010



It's been a bit of a while. I quit my job at the House of Sparkle, and been job hunting since. I already had two interviews, so maybe I will be with a job again soon. I've been up and down these past two weeks, and not really able to focus and concentrate on one thing. So I did this sketch just to kind of finish something. It was supposed to be Gabriel, the seraph, who came to earth and fell in love with a spanish conquistador's son. Because of this he loses his sanctity, and eventually looses his mind. Then he ends up eating his young lover...But the more I drew the picture, the more I knew it wasn't "Gabriel"....

So I ask him whats wrong. He tells me "What does it matter, you never really ask anyway."

Makes me wonder what he was really eating...

Massive Attack - Angel
Massive Attack - Disolved Girl
Jazzanova - Am I Losing You
Yann Tiersen - L'Homme Aux Bras Ballant

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  1. well if it is who i think it is.. i have an idea cause its basically a part of you so... <3 i didnt know that you quit tho what had happen?