Monday, August 16, 2010

Futari Bocchi


I don't normally update this soon I guess. But I had just recently bought myself that J.C. Leyendecker book. I've been obsessing over it these past days and it made me feel like drawing some classy bitches. And so the story goes :

Cammy White (who reffers to herself as Cameron White) was orphaned durring the first World War as a young teen and finds herself at the mercy of the British Army. She desguises herself in a male persona in order to gain acceptance of the army and soon became passionate about her career in the military. Her ploy has done her well and she had made every precaution to such a degree so that her secret would be kept safe for her entire service. It was a constant battle to maintain acceptance among her colleagues, though she had become more accustomed to her new personality and appearance. Even to the point of eyeing women up and down as her colleagues would as a lovely number passed by... She became the full embodiment of everything that was "he".

"He" was easily recognized for outstanding performances in all areas, and exceedingly so in tactical advise, physical endurance, and nerves of steel. Backed up by education from some of the most recognized colleges, Cammy had reached the pinnical of his career as Lieutenant General, living a less arduous life and enjoying the wealth of a growing economy.

However, the struggling rift to survive was not yet over when breached with a task over something confidential.

Durring the out breaks of Ireland around the time (better known as The Troubles), something hidden had been revealed between the religious civil war.Something, or rather, someone who was "A rare specimen, though intruiging and insightful in many ways. It would be to our advantage to proclaim and secure it in our country and our military".

Anxious and waiting in the office, he was eager to meet his new comrade. There had been rumors and talks of this new character, but it was beyond that; than the words that were so idly said without any experience of this..thing.

There was a breif introductary period between the Lt. Gen. and the woman conducted by the chauffeur commander whilst Cammy tried his best to keep steady eye contact.

As soon as the two were left to their own devices, Morrigan made it apparent that she was immediately able to see through Cammy's faux pas of a disguise, and instantly began the teasing.

"Only those who are as dumb as swine would be so blind." Flaunting ever bit she could as her body was intensly surveyed by down cast eyes...

She says to Morrigan : "What I lack in equipment, I make up in experience."

And thus was the beggining of a very complicated relationship between Lieutenant General Cameron White and "his" soon to be known as "Personal Assistant" Morrigan Aensland.


I wish I had the time and patience to do more of this... cause it seems like it would be fun. Who knows, there might be some additions.


On to the music!

Janelle Monae - Suite III Interlude
Shiina Ringo x Saito Neko - Papaya Mango
Shiina Ringo - Futari Bocchi Jikan ~Just the Two of Us~
Shiina Ringo - Shun

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  1. like but the cammy you drew... from like street fighter right? but it looks the same as your recent profile (side) view faces... and Morrigan looks... like the shukla? shuluha? picture you used to has... btw i'ma try the papaya mango ! <3 stop by mines if you wants i has uproaded the musica'