Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meanwhile, in Space


I havn't had a lot of time to draw recently because of generally just going out and doing things ( so yeh, i'm still pretty busy every now and again )and whatever spare hours i get from time to time i spend lazing about or playing Mass Effect and just end up getting a bunch of dialogue with like, 5 minutes of actual shooting action. Bleh. For some reason I still feel compelled to play that game. Perhaps cause I was really investing my mind recently into a space story with Asakati in it.

It's going okay. I need alot of revision to do with the suit and everything, but I havn't thought too much about his papearence, and been mapping out the story in my head.I want to actually sit down and write it, but I want to also finish my actual website finally. Sometime. Someday.



I drew that yesterday. I sometimes forget how soothing and tranquilizing TegakiE can be. And it actually makes for a good medium for doing short comic/etc. in. I'm really close to doing a really really short one on there. It's so crisp.

Other than that it's been work and hanging out with the family. I got myself a really bitchin planner though and some of the best writing pens ever. So, I'm going to be sooooo organized this year. I think I did pretty good last year. I did quite a lot and acutally started moving on with what needs to be done. So this year I'm going to keep myself productive and move on even further. So, thats what I'm going to go do. Be productive. After my site is up, I'll probably be able to start drawing properly again.

Peace and love n whatev <3

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