Thursday, December 9, 2010



Trade done with Enzymer. Whole story here

Havn't really come across any new music or anything as of late except for one good jingle.

TheLittleBird - Lullaby (jazzanova remix)

Quite soothing and relaxing and kind of gets me in that majestic sort of Christmas mood.

Iv'e had hardly any time for painting either. Since I started this new job at the candy store, it's taken quite alot of commitment. I've been doing a few less days than I have been these past weeks, but the only days I get off I usually have to run off and do other things or take care of the house. Being a grown up is hard. Oh how I miss the days of old.... It's not that bad really. I think it's mostly because Christmas is coming up so alot of time has been running around town to try and pick up gifts etc. I kind of miss sitting around the hosue and painting/playing games though. I was playing Saints Row 2 again with Ren the other night, and it was pretty ball slapping hilarious. Runing around nekked in a pint sized motor bike as I was 3 times biger than every other player in the game. It's a difficult situation to explain. Perhaps I can take a picture or sommat.

I have been working on a Christmas picture though, since I did a thanks giving one. Thanksgiving and Christmas are probably my two favorite holidays ever. They just mean alot to me.


Still trying to get better at this painting thing. I'm slowly gaining more confidence and finally realising my potential, and that it isn't that hard to actually finish a picture. And that it's also okay to just sketch something sometimes without going all out on it. Speaking of sketches, here's something else I did at the laundrette some weeks back.


It's not anything spectacular, as drawing in the laundrette is a bit weird. Lots of distractions, and always some random person saying " did you draw that? " as you hold the pencil and book in your hand. They're genreally nice people who mean no harm, but it's pretty funny.

Work work work. I'm nearlly having drawing withdrawl symptoms. I'm sure after the season , I should have more time...or not. My employer has a few plans after holidays which might land me a full time job.... It's nice having money, but I don't know if I can give up drawing... I'm a bit scared. I don't want to get stuck. It would be nice to have some money saved up and things..but time is a precious thing. It can be taken away any moment. As much as I love my new job, it's just not what I'm meant to be doing...

I've got a few other useless sketches lying around that I'll drop later. Hope I can finish my christmas picture before christmas comes! Maybe this weekend.


  1. Your art, pleasing for z eye.
    and you should check out The Avalanches.

    Merry Christmas btw. (:

  2. They sure are! All their songs are made from samples. :>