Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turky Day


Alright, so, this was supposed to be a Halloween picture but, I really had no time to work on it. So now it's a Thanks Giving picture. Thought i'd make it Saturday Evening Post-esque. I hate drawing letters/numbers usually, but these weren't too annoying.

So Christopher done stole Cleo's old American Football gear, and likes to play around in it. Like nub. Alone. He also likes to smang it.

Check it:

Probably one of my favorite music videos.
So much work this coming week.

Keep it snappy.

P.S: Here have another wallpaper : Bam


  1. I tried commenting, and the comment never got sent. FFFFF. I want to trade with you, but god damn, you > me.

    superior. YOU ARE SUPERIOR.
    but yeah, what should I try drawing? <:

    And this music video is good stuff, let's smang.

  2. reference pixxx plz. I will try! Don't blame me if he turns into a monster with several eyes all over the place. (Because I've never drawed a person.. ahahfail@me)

    And what I'd like you to draw? I'm really not sure, I don't have any OCs. :c

    dude leaping?

  3. I'm neiter a "folk" person.
    I only listen to this when the winter strikes. c: soothing my soul, hahaha.

    And yeah, figured! Drawing him atm, not that it looks like him or anything. </3

    and take your time, I'm also stressing out over here. School is one hella BITCHHH.