Friday, April 16, 2010

Sooooooooo Busy


Got this done recently between all this work and stuff. I've been feeling pretty pressed for time....Like right now...I was just called by the boss to to more things :/

I like to think I work better when I have alot fo things going on at once. But who am I kidding. I work terribly under pressure and with no pressure at all D:.. I also feel like I'm being taken advantage of a bit at work. A few things I was obliged to do to help out the shop, but now more and more things keep coming up that I don't get paid for and takes up alot of my time. I really enjoy working there but...I guess I just wasn't expecting to get this involved. It's nothing like the places I've worked at before in America, where you stick to yourself because doing otherwise will get you in trouble. It's about the reverse here, but it's such hard work for only a bit of money. I don't mind working hard for what I earn...sometimes I feel like I'm complaining too much, but then on the other's the rest of my day taken up by work that I have to do for the shop, instead of my course or what I want to persue as a career.

I wish I was like some of these kids that seems to have allll day to draw and just keep painting forever like they do....

In other news, I started my short film course finally. It seems like it's going to be crazy fun. I have to come up with a story for a short like a couple of days ( before tuesday!!! ). I'm always full of good ideas, but they always take too long to develop. Hope I come up with something good! I'm not trying to stress about that too much though. If we end up doing someone else's film, it'll be an amazing experience none the less.

I need to go chillax now...

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  1. This is so lovely! As I've probably said before, I love your attention to detail. I think my favorite part of this are all the crazy things coming from under the dress, specifically the animal feets~

    Also, I'd really love to see a movie done by you. c: