Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Norwegian Wood


Didn't really get to finish this one up like I was hoping I could, but theres alot going on right now and it would have been tempting me...a distraction e_e.

This is Illian and Fybren, for Laela. It was pretty fun drawing Fyr's wonky eyes and all.I'm sure they're not supposed to have horns or anything, but I thought it was quite discriptive of their character. I imagine them to be like deer people or something. They have a cute story them two. So I thought why not.

Went to the course again just yesterday, We all turned in our short film ideas. Mine is just retarded and kind of hope it doesn't get picked by everyone or something like that...which it probably wont anyway so that will be just fine.

Have to go to work today. Meh. I wish I didn't feel so lazy about going to work :cccc

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