Saturday, February 6, 2010

This Fancy Man


After making this, I totally remembered about Jamiroquai. That's one awesome cat.

Tom just got me a copy of Plato's Republic yesterday, so that I can continue the story of The Elephant King. I'm totally hyped for this story. I love animals and all, so it'll be fun picking the ones I want. There's totally going to be a tiger man in a suit. I promise.

I also been working on my Jesus story still, and reading Marcus Chown's "Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You"


An Extremely good read. One should definately pick it up if they want to know how weird the world totally is and how uncool we are compared to it. It's definately helping me out with my own story, just as I hoped. I just wish I could get such a better grasp of everything that encompases the whole subject, but that's much much more reading for another day. You can really get lost in the boundless amounts of information and theories surrounding the universe. MIND BOGGLING I SAY!

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