Saturday, May 18, 2013


Okay so I haven't been keeping up with my blog as I had hoped I could, but I've been fairly busy. I had opened up for commission (which is closed for now but I'll be opening back up relatively soon), and managed to get a few orders. I still think I'm underselling myself just a bit but, with time I think I'll get the price right.

I've finished a few other pictures, which I'll probably upload individually now that I've remembered my blog exists. I've really been trying to cramp ever minute of the day with painting. I've also kept my promise of giving D worthwhile walks. While I was still working in town I'd often wake up late, and really only able to give D a ten minute walk (if that much) in the morning and a 15 minute one in the evening with tom. Didn't really seem fair to her....ANYWAY

I wanted to mention that I've now opened up a store front at

You can check it out here :

I decided to switch over from etsy for a few reasons, and I think it's just more functional. I also like having a bit more control over it's appearance. Now I already have a Society6 account, however using shop envy allows the profits come to me (rather than getting like $2 per sale). I like that I can have all the items on S6, so I think I'll leave that one up as well....

Other than that it literally has been painting like, everyday. I've been trying to keep up with Andro on the weekends, while working on commissions durring the week but even that doesn't seem to follow through sometimes (people asking to see me and Tom over the weekend and what not). I've literally got like, 3 pages left to ink before I can unleash the 21 page update, but time! Even this weekend , just after I have my lunch in a few minutes I'm going to have to go do some cleaning, then go to toms parents house this evening, see his granny tomorrow, then see his parents again Monday evening (it's his mother's and granny's birthday).

However I will post this current commission I'm working on. Preview of it anyway.

A full digital commission from someone who goes by Cuteleesie (who is an absolute sweetheart). I have a bit more done since this last preview but couldn't be bothered to update the livestream preview thing that often. I have been livestreaming a lot (nearly ever day of the week) but I think I should probably cut down. Even though it stops me from reading gaf for like, 2 hours, I end up spending 2 hours chatting with people. Which I love to do, don't get me wrong, but there comes a time and a place.

OH and I have a collab I will be doing with another awesome artist named Sethard. Absolutely amazing and I can't wait. Not one bit. We're doing a sort of SNK Joe, vrs Capcom Guy picture that's a sort of homeage to Leyendecker's Saturday Evening Post paintings....does that make sense?. Check him out because he's just brilliant.

Alright I need to run away. Lunch is ready and all that. And..yeah I'll post those other pictures as soon as I can!

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