Sunday, October 24, 2010



Cleo's face! It exists! Christopher is obssessed with Cleo (in every sense of the word, but most of you know that). He speaks french and stuff too. And is just all around retarded. He's also very very superficial. Doesn't belive in love and all that (like most people) and I would imagine his theme song would be Diamonds are Forever as preformed by Sherly Bassey. Love that song.

But some other good stuff I came across :

And have some videos

Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir
Yelle - A Cause Des Garcons

Lots and lots and lots of music. I'm not usually into electro pop type things but I guess it's been growing on me as of late. The Magnetic man song always comes on while I'm at work ( we play Radio 1 all day) and it's like the only song that I don't mind.

Other than that I havn't gotten around to doing a whole lot, just some other things that I whipped up quickly


Only naughty people will try to click that one. So if you've already clicked it, it's too late.Sorry.... Christopher is pretty lame at boxing, and when he loses, it's up to Cleo to ...comfort him. I guess.


And I did this one for Belicosa, cause I love Pytor. Hes mad sexy :c. And dangerous. I started colouring that one too but, don't know if i'll get around to finishing it. Might do, its not terribly difficult.

I'm really trying to get to grips with painting and doing things in colour, as well as a timely manner. It always seems that everyone else can do these huge magnificent peices in days, where it takes me ages just to do something simple. Maybe I've got it all wrong and they all take their time as well. Hmm. Well, just keep drawing I suppose. It's just one of those things where while I'm painting/drawing I really feel like I actually am progressing, but once I'm done I think, damn, I totally could work harder/do better than that.
One of these days i'm probably going to smash my head into a wall. I feel a bit weird too as my content is kind of...normal? I don't like drawing worriors, or wizards or half nakked lady witches. I'm not very much into high fantasy I guess. I sometimes feel like, alot of the more well recognized work is mainly that, or something "quirky". Maybe I'm just bitching and being an ungreatful punt. Maybe I should give those kind of things a try, and maybe -just maybe- I'd like it.
Just have alot on my mind about my own work. And my stories. I have quite long drawn out lives of my stories in my head, and barely write or materalize these things. I just need to stop being a huge brat and sit down and -do it-.

Hm. I think I will.

Well, here's some wallpapers I made for those of you who would like to be naughty 100% of the time.


Ya'll have a good time. Keep it real. Keep it fresh.
I've got to go do the laundry.

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