Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Parker 0.5mm


One of the many battles Jesus must face to find what he is after.As you can see, he has little to no chance of winning.

So I got one of those moleskine sketchbooks. At first I was a bit weary as to the size and quality of the book, but they are pretty the neat and having a change in paper is good every once in a while. It picks up light strokes very well so its quite easy to get a good array of values without loosing your lighter tones.


This one is actually the first picture I drew in the book. At first it seemed difficult with the book being smaller than what I'm use to, but it just feels different all together, so I think it will be a good chance to bring out detail and things that I use to do.

I got one that I did in my old book.


They're falling the wrong way it appears. I'm not sure if I'll get around to actually finishing this one. I still have quite a few pages in this book , about 20 maybe. I don't like changing sketchbooks that much though. Its exciting but so sad at the same time...

As far as what I use.


Parker 0.5mm. It's my magical pencil that allows me to draw anything and everything. I've been using this thing since Christmas last year for nearly every pencil drawing I've done. Normally I'm against using mech pencils and whip out about 50 Derwent drawing pencils, but theres just something about this one. Magic, I say. Magic. In fact, it's so cool that if you click on the picture it will enlarge to the biggest picture you'll ever see of this bad boy...

Today is Tom's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Tom! I got him some things, that he likes. And a cool National Geographic card with a turtle on it. Awesome. I got him this one shirt that's brown and red, but he thinks its purple and pink. What a nub.

And some more music. Philip Glass. You're soo cool.


Philip Glass - Voilin Concerto : Company I
Philip Glass - Voilin Concerto : III
Philip Glass - Violin Concerto : Akhnaten Dance ( Act II Scene III )

The entire Album is pretty awesome. It's definately worth it. Especially since it's only about $8 on Amazon

Sorry for the super long update after not posting for even longer. Life gets busy :c . Keep it real ya'll.

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  1. First off, I'm diggin' the feather texture on the gigantic bird thing that Jesus is facing. It looks very soft, and I'd love to grabbed that nicely fanned-out tail. Totally cool.

    Second, I love your ability to draw many hands and make it look somehow natural. The tiny beastly silhouette is also very nice. :)

    Third, holy cow perspective! I don't think it looks like they're falling the wrong way at all. People can fall in weird ways when it's from a great height.

    FOURTH AND FINAL, gotta get me one of them pens.

    P.S., thank you for spelling Moleskine right.

    P.P.S., happy birthday Tom. :)