Tuesday, December 8, 2009



I decided I'll keep this. Since i have no use for the internet anymore, other than to check GAF, Geekologie, and my mail occationaly.

Been working on commissions lately, and been pretty happy with them. A good challange to draw something you wouldn't normally think up on your own.

Soren Cardeu for Signsonthewalls


Kazuo Kurihara for DemonLordOnigawa


I had a good time mashing them up in a story that takes place in the 1700's. Soren being a ritzy orphen (as of late) who enchants Kazuo who is a Onnagata for the theatre. Theres a third player but he'll have to wait a minute.

Anyway, Christmas is soon. I'm all pumped up! Can't wait to see the family. And my little sister, Shes so awesome. She just needs a little nudge (or a smack upside the head) from time to time.

Oh and also, Tom got me sherrif shades with the mirror lenses in them. I'm SO PIMP.